NASA-Approved Electric Airplane Flies 200 Miles in 2 Hours

So this is cool. Electric airplanes have been gracing our pages for years now, and while they remain infeasible as a replacement for commercial airliners (duh), they continue to inspire folks with their increasingly impressive feats of sustainable de…

Ask Pablo: Will iPads in the Cockpit Really Lower Airlines’ Paper Use?

Photo by comedy_nose via Flickr CC

Dear Pablo: Two airlines have recently switched from paper flight records to iPads. Is this really an environmental improvement?

TreeHugger recently covered news of two airlines (

A Greener Way To Get Into Space: The Bloon

Images credit Bloon

Rockets can be dirty things, spewing perchlorates and other wastes. Even when they burn hydrogen and oxygen, there is a huge carbon footprint to liquifying the stuff. The Virgin Galactic will be running on a pretty clean fuel but …

Some Michigan Airports Are Growing Their Own Fuel

Photo by Chris Willis/CC

Airports need lots of room for planes to leave and land. And airplanes spew a lot of greenhouse gases. Idea: Grow crops on airport property to power the planes, and maybe help offset carbon emissions. It’s an idea that may be…

Flying From Frankfurt to Hamburg, With or Without Biofuels, Hard to Justify on Environmental Grounds

photo: Marcus Bölt/Creative Commons

Today is the day! As I reported last week Germany airline Lufthansa has now begun using biofuels on about one-third of its flights from Frankfurt to Hamburg. The fuel is supplied by Finland’s Neste Oil and until n…

Four Bucks Flies You Over LA During Carmageddon

It’s a 40 mile drive from Long Beach To Burbank, and you don’t even have to drive the 405. But this weekend they are closing that highway down for repairs, and it’s going to be Carmageddon in Los Angeles. But don’t worry; JetBlue to the rescue.


Lufthansa Will Become First Airline Using Biofuels On A Commercially Scheduled Route

photo: Andres Rueda/Creative Commons

Lufthansa looks set to make aviation history: Using biofuels on a regularly scheduled route. From July 15, one Lufthansa Airbus A321 will ply the 244 miles route from Frankfurt to Hamburg with one engine burning p…

British Prime Minister Asks Ministers and Civil Servants to Fly Coach

Britain’s Foreign Office has already asked ambassadors and civil servants to fly economy in an effort to cut their carbon emissions. (See Mike’s excellent guide to greener flying on why the demand business class seats creates more emissions per passe…

If Airlines & Passengers Can’t Afford To Pay For Their Emissions, We Can’t Afford To Fly At All

photo: Yuichi Kosio/Creative Commons

The European Union’s long-coming plan to include foreign-based airlines in its carbon trading scheme is scheduled to begin in January 2012, which would make all airlines flying to and from Europe to paying for the…

Aircraft Punching Holes In Clouds Can Increase Precipitation Around Airports

Aircraft-induced cloud hole over Antarctica, image courtesy Science/AAAS

Definitely interesting: New research in the journal Science shows how airplanes can affect the local weather around airports. As the planes fly through the clouds, they can pun…