‘Uncanny’ Art Repurposes Recyclables

For some innovative upcyclers, aluminum is a favorite material. It …

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Bring the Outdoors In: Make Your Apartment a Garden Sanctuary

By Katherine Medlin One of the biggest drawbacks of apartment living can be the lack of an outdoor space, especially for nature lovers. Don’t have a nice balcony or patio? That doesn’t mean you can’t let nature in, making your apartment a more……

Something’s Fishy in the Cayman Islands

Although to the rest of the Caribbean population, the mere mention of the word ‘lionfish’ may bring about intense looks of animosity or sudden shudders of fear, in the Grand Cayman Islands, the reaction ranges from culinary cravings to gleeful …

Old Computer Turned Arcade Machine Delights at SXSW

At South by Southwest, the Dell Reconnect program displayed a 14-year-old computer that was transformed into an old-school arcade-style machine.

Your Kids’ Artwork: 6 Tips for Managing the Masterpieces

You’re hesitant to toss any of your child’s precious drawings, but there are only so many papers a refrigerator can hold. What’s a parent to do? Here are six ideas for preserving or repurposing your child’s artwork.

Share the Love with Low-Waste Ideas for Kids’ Valentines

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a compulsory swap of store-bought cards. Here are some less wasteful alternatives for sharing the love among your children’s friends.

Salvaged Plane Parts Become Upscale Furniture

Two designers creating signage for theme parks changed their course, and now transform old parts from B-52 bombers, 747s and other aircraft into sleek desks, credenzas, tables — even beds — for high-profile clientele.

Eco-Friendly Feng Shui Tips for Chinese New Year

Celebrate the Chinese New Year by bringing some zen to your den and greening your routine with feng shui.

Virtual Museum of Litter Turns Discards into Art

The virtual Museum of Litter features artwork made with collected litter in an effort to draw attention to the problem as well as to fund education and awareness campaigns to stop it in its tracks.

Artist Mbongeni Buthelezi Creates Portraits from Plastic Waste

A resourceful artist “paints” with plastic waste, achieving effects that make his works look like oil paintings, pencil drawings and wood sculptures.