Weekend Project: DIY Patio Table With Built-In Coolers

Take a look at one of the most awesome outdoor accessories we’ve seen.

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Recycling Mystery: Mattresses

Despite the difficulties of recycling such a hefty household item, mattresses can be disposed of responsibly.

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Urban Farming: 10 Crops You Can Grow at Home

If you think you can’t grow your own food because …

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Bring the Outdoors In: Make Your Apartment a Garden Sanctuary

By Katherine Medlin One of the biggest drawbacks of apartment living can be the lack of an outdoor space, especially for nature lovers. Don’t have a nice balcony or patio? That doesn’t mean you can’t let nature in, making your apartment a more……

A Guide to Eco-Living in a Concrete Jungle

It’s easy to mistake cities as hubs for mass pollution. Big cities are home to millions of residents and have thousands of cars on the road, which can produce huge amounts of waste compared to their rural neighbors. But take a closer look and…

How to Break the Paper Towel Habit

In almost every American kitchen, you’ll find a roll of paper towels. They have the coolest commercials, and I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic here when I say every girl had a crush on the Brawny man at some point. But why do we…

Make a Table from Any Flat Surface with the Floyd Leg

The Floyd Leg allows people to make tables from almost any flat surface, which prevents the discarding of furniture when moving from place to place.

Company Turns Retired Fire Hoses into Mats, Furniture, Accessories

Oxgut Hose Company of Emeryville, Calif., salvages old fire hoses from fire stations in California and turns them into one-of-a-kind chairs, mats, phone cases, slippers and other products.

Eco-Friendly Feng Shui Tips for Chinese New Year

Celebrate the Chinese New Year by bringing some zen to your den and greening your routine with feng shui.

DIY: Upcycling Garage-Sale Finds

See how green DIY-er Dinah Wulf upcycled a cheap garage-sale find into a stylish bench for her guest bedroom. Her step-by-step tutorial could be a good fit for your next DIY weekend project.