The Week in Pictures: Cloud Travel, a Vertical Forest in Milan, and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

We talk a lot about low-impact transportation on TreeHugger, from bikes to electric cars to high speed rail. But this is definitely the first time we’ve talked about traveling on a floating cloud.

We also have a building in Milan t…

Ask Pablo: Will iPads in the Cockpit Really Lower Airlines’ Paper Use?

Photo by comedy_nose via Flickr CC

Dear Pablo: Two airlines have recently switched from paper flight records to iPads. Is this really an environmental improvement?

TreeHugger recently covered news of two airlines (

Google and NASA Team Up for a Green Flight Challenge with $1.65M Prize

Photo: Mary Paulose under a Creative Commons license.

Air travel may be time efficient, but based on planes’ carbon emissions, it’s not good for the environment. And while purchasing carbon offsets is a good move, it’s just a drop in the bucket. Tha’s why Google has teamed up with aircraft technology research group the Read the full story on TreeHugger

Some Michigan Airports Are Growing Their Own Fuel

Photo by Chris Willis/CC

Airports need lots of room for planes to leave and land. And airplanes spew a lot of greenhouse gases. Idea: Grow crops on airport property to power the planes, and maybe help offset carbon emissions. It’s an idea that may be…

Cyclists Beat Airplane in a Race Across Los Angeles

Photo: richardmasoner / cc

Carmageddon may have come and gone without causing too much chaos on in car-driven city of Los Angeles, but that’s not to say there were no winners resulting from the closing of a busy 10-mile stretch of freeway over the we…

Nesting Turtles Close JFK Runway in ‘Zen’ Moment

A diamondback terrapin turtle. Photo: Christina Mohrmann/Grand Bay NERR via U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters / Creative Commons.

The eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland and severe winter storms in Europe both …Read the f…

More NYC Geese To Be Killed This Year – And Sent to Pennsylvania Slaughterhouse

Image: passer-by via flickr

New York City has just started another round of killing hundreds of geese, at taxpayer expense, despite that the cull has so far failed to limit geese population growth or improve air safety. The geese culls have

Solar Airplane Embodies "Use Less and Live Better" at Green Week 2011

Image: Solar Impulse

As the biggest annual conference on European environmental policy convenes this week in Brussels, the solar airplane Solar Impulse HB-SIA features as the embodiment of the conference theme “Use Less and Live Better.” After comple…

Flying With Fossil Fuels May Sometimes Be Greener Than Biofuels – At Least In Extreme Examples

photo: Will Luo/Creative Commons

For anyone that’s paid attention to the world of biofuels, specifically the impact that land-use changes and cultivation method can have on lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions, this won’t come as a shock: New research …

Sold to the Highest Bidder: 3 Used Space Ships

Photo: NASA, Enterprise

Last week there were used battleships for sale on e-bay, this week we’ve got used space shuttles. But not going as cheaply as the warships and not being turned into pots and pans either.

NASA has been trying to flog these s…