European Union Court Adviser Backs Plan to Include Airlines In Emissions Trading Scheme

Image: xlibber via flickr

The airline industry is supposed to join the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)—already a requirement for other heavily polluting industries—in January, but the industry has been fighting the requirement.

But t…

Ask Pablo: Will iPads in the Cockpit Really Lower Airlines’ Paper Use?

Photo by comedy_nose via Flickr CC

Dear Pablo: Two airlines have recently switched from paper flight records to iPads. Is this really an environmental improvement?

TreeHugger recently covered news of two airlines (

Lufthansa Will Become First Airline Using Biofuels On A Commercially Scheduled Route

photo: Andres Rueda/Creative Commons

Lufthansa looks set to make aviation history: Using biofuels on a regularly scheduled route. From July 15, one Lufthansa Airbus A321 will ply the 244 miles route from Frankfurt to Hamburg with one engine burning p…

If Airlines & Passengers Can’t Afford To Pay For Their Emissions, We Can’t Afford To Fly At All

photo: Yuichi Kosio/Creative Commons

The European Union’s long-coming plan to include foreign-based airlines in its carbon trading scheme is scheduled to begin in January 2012, which would make all airlines flying to and from Europe to paying for the…