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How to Cut Your Summer Energy Bills

Do you dread opening your summer electric bills? If you’re …

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How Cool Is Your AC Unit?

As temperatures soar higher, so does your air conditioning bill. Does it have to, though? The founders of Mistbox have developed a revolutionary technology that is cost effective, easy to install, and can make your air conditioning unit up to 40%…

More Architectural Tricks To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Cupola House image credit Wikipedia

We have covered many of the old ways of keeping cool, but Matt Grocoff points out another at the Old House Web: Cupolas. He writes:

Cupolas are as functional as they are decorative…Read the full story on TreeHug…

Keep Cool With Culture, Not Contraptions

Image credit Renoir, Luncheon of the boating party

I have been doing some over-the-phone consulting on Graham Hill’s Lifeedited project, and the subject of air conditioning is on the table. I asked if the apartment he is renovating was going to be ai…

Design Is The Key To Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning

image credit Vince Michael

Cameron Tonkinwise has noted “The window air conditioner allows architects to be lazy. We don’t have to think about making a building work, because you can just buy a box.” In fact most modern homes are uninhabitable witho…

Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning With Your Private Elevator Tower

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We are always looking for ways to live without air conditioning, but here is one we missed, courtesy of modern mechanix.

See our roundup of cheaper ways to keep cool without ac.

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How Air Conditioning Changed How and Where We Live

Image credit Jan Tik/Flickr

Rebecca Rosen writes in the Atlantic about a subject dear to our hearts- the dramatic effect of air conditioning on our house design, the things that we do, and even our patterns of settlement.

Before air conditioning, in…

20 Billion Bucks A Year To Air Condition Troop Tents In Afganistan & Iraq – Nice Carbon Footprint Eh?

“New Afghanistan FOB tent.” Image credit:Flickr, foqus

The 20-billion dollar energy bill for cooling US troop tents in Afghanistan and Iraq each year seems ridiculous until you consider that the R-value of a tent wall is zero and that the fuel for …

Financial Services Giant TIAA-CREF Wins Accolades From EPA for Energy, Water Efficiency Efforts

Image: Brian Papantonio via flickr

The EPA gave an award recently to a surprising recipient: TIAA-CREF, one of the largest institutional real estate investors in the U.S. Considering the fact that buildings account for 40 percent of domestic energy c…

Memory, The Most Important Overlooked Environmental Tool?

photo: Bhautik Joshi/Creative Commons

So much of environmentalism is about looking forward. Looking forward to the more socially and ecologically sustainable world we’re trying to create. Looking forward via climate modeling, projections of energy us…