Concerned About GMOs in Your Food?

Remember when organic farming took the food world by storm …

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Cultivating Havana: An Organic Farming And Urban Garden Revolution

In the United States, we have taken for granted that we’ll always have plentiful food at affordable prices. For many years, food has only cost us around 10% of our income. However, according to a National Geographic article, Inside the Looming Food…..

Soaking Up Soil Conservation: Saving Water In The Face Of Drought

Water availability with the continuing drought has become a global issue. Research shows that one of the easiest ways to nurture land, help the environment and have the land retain water is soil conservation through composting – turning food……

8 Sustainable Wineries in Paso Robles Wine Country

© Jaymi Heimbuch via Flickr

If you’re not familiar with Paso Robles wine country and you love fine wine, you might want to start paying attention. While the region hasn’t received as much press as its cousins to the north, Napa and Sonoma, it is …

Judge Rules Against the Corn Processors in "Corn Sugar" Case

Photo: KB35

I wrote in May that the Western Sugar Cooperative was one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the sugar refiners for misleading consumers in calling HFCS corn sugar. A federal judge recently ruled that the lawsuit must go through, acco…

Solar "Double Cropping" Harvests Food & Energy on the Same Land

Co-Housing Meets Commercial Farming and Cheese Making (Video)

Image credit: The Perennial Plate

From co-housing for aging boomers to co-housing in urban Brooklyn the idea of building intentional communities that combine shared communal space and property with private dwellings has a lot going for it, from a gre…

What Are GMOs & How Many US Foods Contain Them? (Infographic)

Image: Nature’s Path Organic Foods

In light of it being GMO Awareness Month this October, and that TreeHugger has written extensively on the subject but never done a really succinct piece on what a genetically modified organism is, I’m passing on thi…

Castoro Cellars: Damn Fine Eco-Friendly Wine

Photos via Castoro Cellars

Castoro Cellars, founded by the husband and wife team of Niels and Bimmer Udsen in 1983, is one of Paso Robles’ oldest wineries. What started out as just a few barrels in some rented space has grown into a 25,000-case operat…

Walmart Faces Trouble in China For Selling Fake "Organic" Pork

Image: Bill Lehane via flickr

Walmart stores in southwest China’s Chongqing have been forced to close following allegations that they have been labeling non-organic pork as organic and selling it at a higher price. There’s speculation that the incide…