Timberland Boots Don’t Kick the Can

“Lost Bottle,” a television ad for Timberland Earthkeepers boots and part of the company’s Nature Needs Heroes campaign, was seen in the commercial break on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. It shows a dog snatching a plastic bottle and dum…

100% Bug-Powered Smart Phone, Featuring Insects Doing Circus Tricks (Video)

Images via youtube screengrabs

Oh yes. Snapdragon asks, “How many preying mantises does it take to power a smart phone?” And indeed, they put together a bug circus to find out. Check out the video. …Read the full story on TreeHugger

Scary Chipotle Short Film on Plight of Farmers

Image: Screenshot

Mini Spoiler Alert: This new short film/ad/music video from Chipotle, which is based around a group of young boys exploring an abandoned farm house, highlights the ongoing plight of American farmers. But instead of the spookiness o…

New Report Accuses Natural Foods Marketers of "Cereal Crimes"

Image: TravelEden/CC BY 2.0 (modified)

Are they stealing your money with false advertising claims?

Cornucopia just released a report, Cereal Crimes: How “Natural” Claims Deceive Consumers and Undermine the Organic Label–A Look Down the Cereal and G…

The Week in Pictures: Solar London Bridge, Translucent ‘Chicken Chapel,’ and More (Slideshow)

Image: TreeHugger

London has announced grand plans to build the world’s largest solar bridge, which will generate 900,000 kilowatts of electricity every year and provide nearly 50 percent of the energy needed to power the central London railway termi…

The One Thing Every Brand Should Do to Change the World

Image credit: Peter Gene, used under Creative Commons license.

My day job is in branding for good-for-the-world businesses, non-profits and organizations. So I get a fair few invites to attend events on “branding and sustainability”, or “how brand ca…

Supermarket Sausage Ad Banned as Misleading: Not Shocking Enough (Video)

Image credit: Tesco

Often, when we hear of censorship of film, it’s because the footage is too shocking or disturbing. Not so in the case of UK supermarket Tesco’s sausage ad. It’s found itself banned by the country’s Advertising Standards Authority …

How Will the Hourglass Marketing Trend Affect Green Products?

Photo: Brooks Elliott/CC BY-SA 2.0)

This week The Wall Street Journal reports that Proctor & Gamble is pursuing a new product introduction strategy. The consumer products giant has noted that products targeted at middle class consumers are staying on…

What Does Being "EcoFriendly" Really Mean in Advertising? Infographic Lays Out Details

Ever wonder what the can-and-cannots of green marketing are? Ever wonder about how companies try to rope you in to believing their products place the environment as a priority? An infographic by ColumnFive done for Ethical Ocean dives into the nuts a…

ConAgra Sued for Misusing "100% Natural" Claim on Genetically Modified Oils


Most conscientious shoppers know that there is no regulation behind the word “natural” on food labels (with the exception, to some extent, of meat). So food companies slap the word on any product they want to, no matter how many c…