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Carpenter lives, works & travels out of this well-crafted bus conversion (Video)

Putting his carpentry skills to work, this young man finds a happy work-life balance thanks to his hand-built home-on-wheels.

Montreal supermarket opens huge organic rooftop garden

Talk about slashing food miles; ‘fresh from the roof’ is as local as it gets.

How accurate is Project Sunroof?

Can remote assessments of solar capacity really compare to getting an expert on your roof?

Photo: Long-eared owl looks caught in the act

Our surprised photo of the day comes from Calgary, Canada.

Juggernaut aims to deliver first 3-wheeled front cargo bike fully designed & built in the US

Denver, Colorado’s Juggernaut has developed a cargo bike built for “hauling freight and pushing weight” as an “economic & environmental alternative” to driving a car.

Urban swimming is becoming a thing again

More and more cities are cleaning up their act and their water, and it is a wonderful thing.

Why we should be more materialistic

Materialism is not the same thing as consumerism, David Cain argues.

What are the world’s most livable cities? Depends how you measure it.

The Economist puts Melbourne in number 1 spot, Vancouver in 3. They’re not.

Why people shouldn’t take fish medicine

As an alternative to expensive antibiotics, people have taken to taking amoxicillin, ciprofloxacin, penicillin and other drugs meant for fish. Here’s why it’s a bad idea.

Solar-powered Bike Sharing Farm is a mobile community garden for the city (Video)

No community garden in your neighborhood? Inspired by bike sharing schemes, this portable garden can come to you.