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Can taxing ‘bad’ foods improve public health?

When citizens are unable to stay healthy, cash-strapped governments are forced to consider drastic measures.

Scottish developer: all new homes will be electric vehicle ready

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they added a bike shed too?

Utility CEO sees new wind and solar cheaper than existing coal by early 2020s

When it’s cheaper to build new solar than to run your old power plant, things change fast.

This prefabricated house in Spain took five hours to erect

Using modular components pre-made in a factory, this modern home is airy, light and adaptable.

13 of Europe’s most fascinating trees

The winning trees from 13 countries are now vying for the big prize: European Tree of the Year 2018.

This natural latex mattress offers a dreamy, chemical-free sleep

Unlike conventional mattresses, which contain petroleum-based synthetics, this all-natural mattress by Latex for Less is as clean and green as they come.

New study finds that being a couch potato is green

Finally, a good excuse for lolling away your day on the sofa: it saves energy.

Photo: Great gray owl blends in with the wintry wilds

Our photo of the day features a majestic giant who practically disappears in the trees.

How to make your own herbal tea blends

Put kitchen scraps and spices to good use in these soothing, healing concoctions, perfect for a wintry day.

Study: Second hand toys pose risks to childrens’ health

“Reuse” is usually a good motto; this study reminds parents to take care in the case of toys originally sold in yesteryears. We offer some tips for selecting safer used toys.