Green Earth News

These wondrous sea wolves swim for miles and live off the watery wilds

In a remote stretch of rainforest on Canada’s Pacific coast, a unique population of wolves has taken to a life of the sea.

Bike Baristas Create Coffee with Their Own Pedal Power

If you see an odd-looking trike¬†tooling¬†around¬†town,¬†pulling into¬†your favorite¬†park or¬†stationed¬†at a festival, step right up. You’re in for a treat. A freshly brewed treat, no electricity required. The adorable¬†beverage¬†bars on wheels…

Photo: Humpback whale feeding with the sheerwaters

Getting lunch, whale-style.

High-tech CityTree cleans as much pollution as 275 trees (Video)

This piece of solar-powered urban furniture cleans air, collects rainwater and also doubles as a living billboard.

Study shows that electric cars could help kill the duck

BMW and PG&E’s smart charging pilot shows that demand management can really flatten out the load curve.

Details on the Tesla solar shingle emerge in UL certifications

Power ratings and construction standards appear as Tesla’s solar roof gets the certifications needed for installations to begin

Supercapacitors could be better than batteries or fuel cells for clean electric powered transit

They are already building them in China.

Plastic bag wars are heating up in the U.S.

Local governments are being seduced by a petrochemical industry that’s more lucrative than ever.

Queen Elizabeth gets rich(er) thanks to wind farms

The money is going to help Buckingham Palace go solar too.

8 dreamlike abandoned settings being reclaimed by nature

Humans might make a mess of things, but patient Mother Nature has no problem moving back in once we’ve hit the road.