Green Earth News

Mirrored rammed earth dwelling blends itself into the background

The reflective glass walls hide the bulk of this home in Mexico.

How Bensonwood builds a wall that works

From natural materials to open building, this wall will work for generations.

How the humble potato rescued Europe from impending doom

When explorers brought potatoes back from the Andes, Europe was able to reverse its population decline and establish greater food security.

France will ban cell phones in elementary schools

Starting September 2018, students under age 15 will not be allowed to use their phones at any point during the school day.

It’s time to start thinking of driving like smoking

Cars are killing us, and it is time to limit the damage to drivers and to people around them, just like we did with smoking.

Photo: Red-tailed black cockatoo is speckled with hearts and stars

Our photo of the day is not strictly for the birds.

Closing in on the chemicals that make us fat or infertile

A special type of chemicals that can do great harm to our health, hormone disruptors have long been under-regulated. As the US EPA eliminates programs, hope for progress turns to the European Union.

With Lolistraw, you can have your straw and eat it too

But even more exciting than its edibility is the Lolistraw’s hyper-compostability.

Life with a Sense home energy monitor, the first month

Measuring individual appliance’s energy consumption is one thing. But Sense aims to give you a bigger picture.

11 facts about Iceland’s elusive elves

As if the landscape of fire and ice wasn’t wonderful enough, the stories of its magical creatures make it all the more wondrous.