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Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees

The real versus artificial Christmas tree debate replays itself year …

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Don’t rush out to buy a new ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater

There are ways to have your Christmas sweater fun without driving fast-fashion pollution.

Stretchable fabric powers gadgets with sweat

The fabric could be used in clothing to power wearable electronics.

Photo: Sweet baby pelican basks in the mangrove

Our photo of the day comes from sunny North Palm Beach, Florida.

NASA likes the BEAM Bouncy Castle, keeping it on the Space Station

Bigelow’s inflatable room has worked out well

8 Green Tips for 8 Days of Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah! Running from today, Dec. 12, to Dec. 20 …

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Learn how to work with fungi for food, medicine, & remediation

Mycologos, the world’s first online mycological institute, aims to make the study and application of fungi accessible and approachable for more people.

Kinetic art installation mimics synchronized flocking of 400 birds (Video)

These origami-inspired ‘birds’ soar, open and close their wings, and even make some unexpected sounds.

Is it a Passivehouse or is it a treehouse? Yes!

Millar and Howard Workshop wins Telegraph award for best Passive House, and it’s built on stilts

Where to find the incredible animals starring in BBC’s Blue Planet

Live out your David Attenborough dreams with this world map of creatures featured in the fascinating documentary.