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Thomas Edison: Inventor, genius … elephant killer?

In 1903, the man who gave us the electric light bulb committed his strangest act: electrocuting an elephant as proof that alternating current was too dangerous to use.

Stay in touch! A note to our Google Reader users

Google Reader is gone on July 1, but our RSS feed isn’t going anywhere.

18 Ways to Beat the Heat

Labor Day once meant the temperature fell — but for much of the U.S., that’s not looking likely for a few more weeks. Don’t let the end-of-summer’s unprecedented heat get you down!

Mortgage-Free Family’s Remodelled 320 Square Foot Shotgun Home Cost $15,000 (Video)

FairCompanies/Screen capture

For those who are thinking about downsizing to a smaller house, but not necessarily a really tiny home, there are some inspiring ideas to be seen in this remodeling of a “shotgun house” — a long, narrow and hall-less hous…

You Are Now One of 7 Billion People on Planet Earth

madaroni via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

There are now 7 billion people sharing our little blue marble*, you and I included. That means 7 billion people who get hungry, need space, and disagree with things that the other 6.999999999 billion people say….Read…

Pendant Lamp That Lights, Grows & Cleans The Air: Babylone By Greenworks

© Greenworks

Conventional office spaces have the unfortunate reputation of being drab, cubicled places, often cursed with poor air quality and lacking in any cheerful greenery. Even if your boss missed the memo on how improving indoor environment…

Eraser Turns Chalk Dust Into New Chalk Sticks

© Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo via Yanko Design

How do we solve that old, old problem of chalk dust in classrooms? And at the same time solve the problem of running out of that laaaaast little nub of chalk? Two designers think they have the solution. …

Ocean Warming Sends Australia’s Seaweed South, And Possibly Into Extinction

World’s Largest Shipping Companies Set Sustainability Goals

Felix O/CC BY 1.0

The largest companies in the global shipping industry have announced a formal agreement detailing steps they will take to reduce emissions, increase use of renewable energy, and design ships that can be reused or recycled. …Read th…

A Quick Look at the Sheffield Wind Farm (40 MW) in Northern Vermont

Youtube/Screen capture

This video (see below) gives an overview of the construction of Sheffield Wind, a 40MW wind farm in Northern Vermont, and of how it affected some of the locals. Keep in mind, the video was produced by the company that built the …