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Restoring nature is climate equivalent of stopping burning oil

1/3 of emissions reductions needed for 2 degree target could be achieved with better land management.

World’s first floating wind farm now operating in Scotland

This technology might open up many new areas to offshore wind.

59,000 plug-in cars sold in China last month

That’s 80% more than September 2016.

Europe’s largest oil company buys Europe’s largest electric vehicle charging network

As electric vehicles begin to threaten market share, expect to see more such announcements in the future.

Brexit Britain reveals ambitious plan for low carbon growth

“The grownups have finally won,” says one commentator. Maybe the U.S. could learn something…

When the Netherlands bans gas cars (2030), coal will be gone too

Two big announcements from one small nation.

Mylkman: London’s car-free, plastic-free, plant-based "milk" delivery service

As vegan and plant-centric eating goes mainstream, one company brings nut “milks” straight to your door. By bike.

How to set up a public electric vehicle charging station, the high-end hotel edition

Part of Tesla’s destination charging network, The Mayton Inn confirms how uncomplicated hosting a charging station can be.

Procter & Gamble launches dish soap bottle made from recycled ocean plastic

320,000 Fairy Ocean Plastic bottles will be made, the largest production of its kind in the world.

Yes, electric commercial flights might really become a thing

From Boeing to South West, airlines are investing heavily in electric propulsion.