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Life with a Sense home energy monitor, the first month

Measuring individual appliance’s energy consumption is one thing. But Sense aims to give you a bigger picture.

UK celebrates first "Plastic Free Coastline" community

Nearly 100 other towns are working toward the same status.

Budweiser orders 40 Tesla Semi electric trucks

Tesla has received over 240 publicly announced orders, so the real number is likely higher…

Even cargo ships are going 100% electric

But there’s a catch…

One of Europe’s top-selling electric cars is actually a delivery van

Even if we ban cars, we’re still going to have to deliver stuff.

Sir David Attenborough: Oceans under threat "as never before in human history"

The veteran naturalist and broadcaster is not holding back (this time).

London mayor plans water fountains, refill stations to cut plastic bottle use

The UK appears to be getting serious about single-use plastics.

A modular, rehabbed, battery-electric train

Many train lines in the UK are not electrified. But there’s a solution for that, and it starts with old rolling stock…

New hybrid plane will add second electric engine as battery costs drop

Electrification isn’t all-or-nothing. A new Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Siemens partnership aims to start with one engine.

How to build a green hotel, from the ground up

Hybrid solar electric and hot water. HVAC so quiet you need white noise machines in rooms. And more…