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Now BP gas stations are getting fast charging spots too

It’s almost as if oil giants are worried about what the future might hold…

Scottish developer: all new homes will be electric vehicle ready

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they added a bike shed too?

Utility CEO sees new wind and solar cheaper than existing coal by early 2020s

When it’s cheaper to build new solar than to run your old power plant, things change fast.

How one company removed 1,000,000 pounds of trash from our waters

United By Blue is not messing around.

Renewable energy can’t be stopped (but delay still hurts)

The low carbon future is coming. The pace at which it arrives, however, matters an awful lot.

Fully Charged reviews the plant-based Impossible Burger

But why’s an electric car show talking about food?

All short-haul flights from Norway could be electric by 2040

When the heck did electric commercial flight become a realistic prospect?!

World’s oldest insurance market to stop investing in coal

Lloyd’s of London joins the ranks of big insurers who no longer see coal as a viable investment.

‘Trash Girl’ won’t back down: Despite bullies, 12-year-old keeps up anti-litter fight

She picks trash on her way to and from school. And she’s not going to let anyone stop her.

Edmunds reviews the Tesla Model 3

In almost all aspects, it lives up to the hype, says Edmunds. But man, is that screen a distraction…