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Capture the Light With a DIY Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

The Mason jar is enjoying a true revival since the …

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Simply Staycation: 6 Ideas for Your Next Escape

A staycation can mean different things to different people. To some, a staycation involves staying in one’s own home yet acting as though on vacation; to others, it means staying at a local (eco-friendly!) resort for some R&R. Either way,…

Unique Earth Day Traditions to Start as a Family

When it comes to celebrating Earth Day on April 22, there is no shortage of ways environmentally conscious people choose to honor this day. (Check out the coolest 2017 events around the country here.) When you’re trying to raise young…

Fresh Step: Foot-Powered Washing Machine Cleans Your Clothes

In the past, living “off the grid” or lessening your carbon footprint could admittedly be a task when it came to having clean clothes at the ready. But finally there is a solution — enter the Yirego Drumi, a 22-inch tall electricity-free washing….

Let There Be Light: How To Build A Gardening Cold Frame

Fall is approaching, but that doesn’t have to mean an all-out-stop to your gardening. Building a cold frame for your garden allows you to grow seasonal plants and produce in inclement weather. Sunlight in, cold air out.  A cold frame consists of a…

Runway Redux: Zero Waste Fashion Recycles Plastics

Plastic has never looked so good! Kicking off the plastics industry’s huge trade show, the NPE 2015, from March 23-27 in Orlando, Florida, was the Pursuing Zero Waste Fashion Show. But these were no ordinary runway styles — all the fashions the…

FreeCycle Champions ‘One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure’

We’re all looking for ways to avoid having our excess waste end up in landfills — and that very notion was the impetus for The Freecycle Network, created by Deron Beal in 2003. If you haven’t yet heard of this online organization that is changing…

Capture The Light With A DIY Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

Let’s face it: the Mason jar is enjoying a true revival since the days of holding Grandma’s sweet tea. Nowadays, mason jars are being used everywhere — even in some cool (and upcycled) decor!  We just love the idea of using mason jars for drinking…..

Summer Stylin’: Cool Eco-Friendly Styles For Summer

Eco-conscious fashion has never been bigger or more important. Regardless of whether you’re looking for vegan, organic, fair trade, recycled or locally-made clothing and accessories, you don’t have to sacrifice style to make a green statement….

Bloom All Summer Long With These Garden Greats

Summer is in full bloom, but is your garden? It’s not too late to get a gorgeously growing garden this summer by planting these flowers and produce. Vinca Vinca, known also as Periwinkle or Myrtle, is the ideal summer flower to plant because this…