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Photo: Great egret is a sleek machine

Our photo of the day comes from Atascadero Lake in California.

The best detox is free and easy

Why you can skip the fancy detox drinks and foods … and let your body do the work.

Thousands of African gray parrots rescued from traffickers in Congo (video)

Wildlife Conservation Society is treating the purloined parrots at a specially built care facility; some 900 have been released back into the wild.

Exercise keeps the brain from shrinking as we age

The average brain shrinks by approximately 5 percent every decade after the age of 40; but exercise significantly helps maintain volume, says new study.

Photo: Penguin portrait is a picture of contentment

The subject of our photo of the day basks in the sunshine.

15,000 scientists from 184 countries warn of dire future for humanity

Humankind is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperiled biosphere, the authors write.

Stressed out? Try sitting under a blue light

How’s this for an easy natural remedy? Blue lighting is scientifically proven to help us relax faster when suffering from short-term stress.

Photo: White-tailed jackrabbit considers the snow

Our photo of the day comes from Queens Park Cemetery in Calgary, Canada.

Mushrooms found to be unusually packed with anti-aging potential

Not only are they delicious, now researchers find that mushrooms have remarkably high amounts of two health-boosting antioxidants.

Photo: Darner dragonfly clasps a bristled branch

Our photo of the day comes from a native garden oasis in Los Angeles.