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Photo: Sweet baby pelican basks in the mangrove

Our photo of the day comes from sunny North Palm Beach, Florida.

Where to find the incredible animals starring in BBC’s Blue Planet

Live out your David Attenborough dreams with this world map of creatures featured in the fascinating documentary.

Photo: Red-tailed black cockatoo is speckled with hearts and stars

Our photo of the day is not strictly for the birds.

11 facts about Iceland’s elusive elves

As if the landscape of fire and ice wasn’t wonderful enough, the stories of its magical creatures make it all the more wondrous.

Photo: Squirrel!

Cutie caught in the act of laying in supplies.

Spiders eat up to 800 million tons of insects a year

Meanwhile, humans consume a mere 400 million tons in meat and fish.

Photo: Vibrant butterfly lives deep in the forest

Our stunning photo of the day comes from the rain forest of Ecuador.

6 ways to use old ribbon or paper to make pretty gift bows

Why buy new gift bows when the best ones can be made easily with things you have on hand?

Photo: Levitating sparrow

Our magical photo of the day offers a lesson in the benefits of hopping.

8 recipes to bring some hygge to your holidays

Even if you have hygge fatigue, let the gløgg and smørrebrød prevail!