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Drones help scientists monitor endangered sea turtles

The drones revealed that the numbers for olive ridleys were higher than thought.

New algae fuel cell packs a punch

Researchers have developed a bio fuel cell that is ultra efficient and cheap to make.

Drones help to predict volcanic eruptions

Drones can continually monitor active volcanoes to help with advanced warnings of eruptions.

Stretchable fabric powers gadgets with sweat

The fabric could be used in clothing to power wearable electronics.

Solar windows switch between tinted and transparent

The technology makes for better energy generation and a better window.

Solar powered supercapacitor produces hydrogen fuel and electricity

The technology could lead to cheaper hydrogen cars in the future.

DARPA turning plants into stealth environmental sensors

Using the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, the agency is working to develop spies in the natural world.

Microsoft cutting emissions by 75% by 2030

The action will prevent 10 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Help track mosquitoes with your smartphone

Calling all citizen scientists! Stanford needs your help monitoring the disease-spreading insects.

Mini wastewater treatment plant produces energy, clean water and fertilizer

The units will be coupled with shipping container toilet and bath houses for use in developing regions.