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Waterproof solar cell could go through the wash and still work

The solar cell can be stretched, bent and compressed without substantially affecting performance.

Researchers say the UK needs a better smart meter

As smart meters spread through the UK, researchers say they need upgrades to make a difference.

Johns Hopkins sets record for drone blood delivery flight

The new study shows that drones can handle longer aid delivery trips than previously thought.

Japan looks to combine solar power with mushroom farming

In a country where land available for renewable energy generation is scarce, this solves two problems at once.

Rooftop cooling system reflects sunlight and sends excess heat out into space

The technology uses radiative sky cooling to help cool buildings without electricity.

Australia generates enough renewable energy to power 70% of homes

That number will rise to almost 100 percent in just a few years.

Growing virtual plants could teach farmers how to best grow real ones

Researchers are developing computer simulations that can improve agricultural success.

Massive Norwegian data center will be fully powered by renewable energy

The data center will be the largest in the world.

Solar blocks could replace solar panels on buildings

The blocks could be part of the architecture of a building, generating more power than just rooftop panels.

Australia will be home to world’s largest single-tower solar thermal power plant

The project will also include molten salt energy storage for 24 hour solar power.