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The bicycle, 200 years old today, was a timely response to an environmental crisis

Baron Karl von Drais needed a way to replace his horse; today we need a way to replace the car.

What does the British election result mean for the environment?

Minority governments can be full of surprises.

Self-driving cars might get their own dedicated hyperlanes

Who needs expensive rail when you have such a bright and shiny future of autonomous vehicles?

Kiss House is a modern Passivhaus flatpack made from CLT

This pushes almost every TreeHugger button.

Happy 150th birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright

Many (including the man himself) consider him to be America’s greatest architect.

Cute little Norwegian sauna was designed and built by students

I didn’t know saunas were a thing in Norway, but in fact they come in all sizes.

Border wall might be covered in solar panels. Why not build it out of coal?

It’s such a win-win idea that we will be tired of winning.

Framework Tall Wood Tower in Portland sprouting soon

“Forest to frame” is the new “farm to table.”

Terrace House to be tallest timber tower

Shigeru Ban mixes it up next to Arthur Erickson’s Evergreen Building on Vancouver’s Coal Harbour

Is this a "trackless train" or a bendy bus?

Or is it a solution looking for a problem.