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IBM to homeworkers: Get back to the office. Now.

Telecommuting just isn’t fashionable anymore; the “water cooler effect” is.

Should there be prizes for sustainable architecture?

Two prominent critics discuss the recent AIA/Cote Awards.

It’s time to put an end to traffic terrorism

“Accident, not terror.” What’s the difference?

Prefab workers’ housing to be built out of cross laminated timber

Little wood boxes will be stacked into really big building on remote BC fracking site.

Big surprise: Millennials start having families, buying houses.

An overview of surveys and articles shows that not much has changed in the housing market after all.

1937 "Pleasure Tower" shows how devoted we were (and are) to cars

Who needs elevators when you can drive to the top

Just what we needed Dept: an "air conditioned backpack"

You don’t always have to throw batteries at things; problems can be solved just by good design.

Mirrored glass prefab from ÖÖD is an instant AirBnB

We get all glassy-eyed just looking at it.

Should all pedestrians be clad in lime green?

Hi-viz for pedestrians is the new bike helmet: If you’re not wearing it, it’s your own fault if you get hit

New American study confirms: Physically separated bike lanes are crucial for safety

Paint doesn’t cut it; you need a real cycle track, which is 89 percent safer.