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Stair of the week is bold and bamboo

Because if you make it beautiful and open, people will use it.

Why all cars should be hi-viz, drivers should wear helmets and car radios should be banned

“If it only saves one life…”

Glow is a cute and "smart energy tracker for your home"

Forget the graphs and bar charts; Glow makes it simple and intuitive.

Apple employees are "in revolt" over open offices. Really?

They may be giving up four walls, but they are getting a lot in return.

World’s biggest bike parking garage is opening in Utrecht

And guess what? It’s not big enough.

How the cost of lighting has changed over time

The cost of lighting is dropping faster than we can think of silly ways to waste it.

In the future, homebuyers may Hyperloop ’til they qualify

Because it’s not about how fast you can get somewhere, it is about how far you can go in a given time.

What happens to back lanes when self-driving cars take over?

Austin Maynard Architects build a back lane dwelling with plans for an autonomous future.

Build an emergency kit in your cupboard and closet

You probably already have most of the stuff you need.

The problem with Net Zero: The grid is not a bank

You can’t deposit energy in it and take it out when you need it.