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Why bikes and e-bikes will eat cars

Cities should prepare for, and encourage, an electric bike revolution and stop worrying about autonomous vehicles.

How to waste energy, New York Style

It is almost like an intellectual exercise in how to maximize surface area and air leakage

Coming soon: the Robomart, a self driving vegetable bin

Silicon Valley keeps thinking up fresh new ways to clog our roads, kill jobs and destroy main streets

Efficiency is important, but it is time to get serious about sufficiency

According to Kris De Decker, just making things more efficient isn’t enough; we have to change the way we live.

Does your city pass the popsicle test?

It was developed for North American neighborhoods, but here is a look at big international cities.

What is the point of bicycle-to-car communication systems?

It is not about making the world safer for cyclists, it is about making the world safer for autonomous cars.

Not much new in the 2018 New American Home

Every year we look at the big house being built for the International Builders Show.

Highway robbery in China as Solar Road makes sense to someone

A big chunk of it got pried up and stolen in what looks like corporate espionage.

Energy and Civilization: A History (Book Review)

So why is everyone pumping gas and oil like mad? It’s the economy.

Get rid of your WiFi with this lovely LiFi lamp

Using light to transmit data is faster and more secure; it’s a bright idea.