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Florida may pass "Sunshine Protection Act" and go on Daylight Saving Time all year round

This is a very good idea that all of North America should consider.

UK government accused of hypocrisy as it fights EU recycling targets

This is after promising “wide-ranging measures to tackle plastic pollution.”

Water sports center is built from old shipping containers

The project in Denmark is a good object lesson.

Revolve reinvents the wheel

Andrea Mocellin’s design folds up to take up 60 percent less space.

Electric barges are coming back to European canals

But these are certainly not “the first emission free barges on Europe’s waterways”; the idea is 125 years old.

If airports become the cities of tomorrow we are in big trouble

The impact of flying on climate change cannot be ignored, as I book my next flight.

The capsule hotel gets a remake

Schemata Architects gives it a new image and a nice sauna.

How will self-driving cars affect our cities? Two views

Phil Levin thinks it will change real estate completely; Christian Wolmar thinks it is ludicrous tech nerd fantasy.

U.S. imposes 30 percent duty on Chinese solar panels

It’s not protecting U.S. panel manufacturers, it’s protecting coal and gas.

Should the 840 HP Dodge Demon be banned?

The respected Automotive News suggested this and all heck broke loose.