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Does your office suffer from Dumb Building Syndrome?

That’s where the air quality is so bad that it affects your ability to think properly or effectively.

Your next home might be built by robots, and you will never know

They are already doing this in Sweden.

The antibiotic apocalypse will change the way we live

“The danger is one of the greatest that humanity has faced in recent times.”

New study of Toronto bike lanes shows they are good for business and safety

Business went up and crashes went down; it seems like a win all round.

Why an office is not a spaceship

Employees deserve more than just good air quality.

Park a house in a parking spot instead of a car

Or, for that matter, park both a house and a car like Bill Dunster’s ZEDpod.

31,000 Americans died on the roads last year because of stupid

We could fix this too, if we really wanted to. But we don’t. Because freedom.

Happy Birthday, Fridtjof Nansen, a pioneer of Passive House

His design for the Fram was so far ahead of its time that it is still ahead of our time.

Why in the world would anyone want a wooden nail?

Beck Fasteners totally nails it with the Lignoloc.

Study shows that living in cities makes you healthier, happier (sort of)

It actually just finds a correlation between density and obesity, but it’s a start.