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The Rush-Bagot Treaty that demilitarized the Great Lakes is 200 years old today

It led to a series of other agreements that protected and cleaned up the Great Lakes environment

Hut news: MUJI’s long-promised hut hits the market

It’s beautiful, minimal and can go just about anywhere.

Emoji are the new grotesques of architecture

Why not have a bit of fun?

AIA/COTE Awards this year redefine sustainable design

Too much information?

"Science says" 14 year olds shouldn’t cross the street alone

But hey, it’s OK to drive at 16.

Citizen Jane: Does the new film get it right?

A great introduction to a writer who changed the planning world

Architects finally are taking climate change seriously. Sort of.

Most of them concede that it’s happening and is caused by humans, but they are not doing much about it.

Drivers look at their phones on 88 percent of trips

Perhaps it’s time to fix the phones.

Tour d’East River: Riding 25 miles of continuous bike lanes

Streetfilms follows a journey that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

Big chains are sucking the life and the variety out of our cities

Toronto is now looking at limiting chain stores to preserve neighborhood character. They are not the first to try this.