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NASA likes the BEAM Bouncy Castle, keeping it on the Space Station

Bigelow’s inflatable room has worked out well

Is it a Passivehouse or is it a treehouse? Yes!

Millar and Howard Workshop wins Telegraph award for best Passive House, and it’s built on stilts

How Bensonwood builds a wall that works

From natural materials to open building, this wall will work for generations.

It’s time to start thinking of driving like smoking

Cars are killing us, and it is time to limit the damage to drivers and to people around them, just like we did with smoking.

Swimming pool in London is built out of wooden portal frames and Cross Laminated Timber

This technology is usually relegated to warehouses, but Hawkins\Brown make it stunningly beautiful.

Someone should have told that rock that, in Alberta, safety is a shared responsibility

Cars kept running into a big rock in a Calgary parking lot, perhaps because it didn’t make eye contact.

Mad for MADI, the folding wooden prefab A-Frame

This brilliant design brings the A-frame into the 21st century

Built on a tilt: climbable bookshelf is also earthquake resistant

It’s wood, it’s small, it’s resilient.

One hundred years after the Halifax explosion, what have we learned?

One hundred years later, we are still playing chicken with peoples’ lives.

Why are so many modern houses black?

Witold Rybczinski thinks it is because architects are lazy. I think he’s wrong.