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“Scientists” says there will be an eclipse. Why should we believe them?

They are just in in for the money, right?

The construction industry has a productivity problem

The Economist has some suggestions for fixing it. We have more.

The solar eclipse may knock 9000 Megawatts of solar power offline

The Nest Thermostat has a special “Eclipse Rush Hour” mode to help cope. But radically efficient buildings would help more.

Urban swimming is becoming a thing again

More and more cities are cleaning up their act and their water, and it is a wonderful thing.

What are the world’s most livable cities? Depends how you measure it.

The Economist puts Melbourne in number 1 spot, Vancouver in 3. They’re not.

Trump admin removes White House Capital Bikeshare station

It’s not a big deal but it could become a big symbol.

Cars don’t kill people; people kill people.

This was all academic, a discussion of why cars get “agency”, until this past weekend when everything changed.

"Women in Wood" promotes women in an industry dominated by men

As the need for more sustainably harvested wood grows, we are going to need a lot more women working in the business.

Passive House beats building code box in Ice Box Challenge

But is it a pyrrhic victory?

Picks and pans from the INDEX: Design To Improve Life Competition

A look at some of the nominees which are brilliant, and others that are something else.