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How a Minimalist Lifestyle Can Add to Your Green Efforts

You may have seen the term “minimalism” being thrown around …

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How to Start a Composting Program at Work

Have you ever considered how much food waste your workplace …

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4 Clever Ways to Encourage Your Children to Recycle

As we all know, recycling is crucial when it comes to caring for our planet — and instilling this responsibility in children when they are young is a surefire way to encourage them to do it for years to come. But how can we do this without it being…..

10 All-Natural Makeup Brands to Fall in Love With

  If you’ve ever considered making the switch to natural or organic beauty products, you’ve no doubt experienced a bit of confusion as to what these terms truly mean. Though “eco-friendly” cosmetics have been increasing in popularity over …

Make Waves with a Natural Swimming Pool

After 30-plus years of swimming in chlorinated pools, I can tell you that I’m sick and tired of red eyes, dried-out skin, green hair and bleached swimsuits. I’m ready for a change, and that change just may be a natural swimming pool (NSP). These……

Edible Water Blobs: All You Ever Wanted to Know

Despite serious efforts by environmentalists to promote the use of alternatives, consumers have been reluctant to give up single-use plastic water bottles. In the U.S. alone, 38 billion water bottles end up in landfills or the ocean per year. Not…

Unprecedented Bleaching Leaves the Great Barrier Reef Terminal

In 2016, the Great Barrier Reef saw the worst bleaching event on record — two-thirds (67 percent) of corals in the northern sector of the reef died after being exposed to unusually warm currents. While experts warned that these bleaching events…

Why You Should Ditch Balloons if You Love the Environment

After writing an article on traditions that are terrible for the environment, I received overwhelming feedback that balloon releases should have been included on the list. Never one to disappoint, I decided to do some research on the topic and what……

Clean the World Recycles Hotel Toiletries to Save Lives

When it comes to the hotel industry, the biggest symbol of waste would have to be the complimentary toiletries. As it stands, the majority of hotels in the U.S. aren’t involved in any recycling programs — which means that a staggering amount of…

5 Traditions That Are Terrible for the Environment (And What You Can Do Instead)

Holidays, weddings and funerals — all events that are practically bursting with tradition. Traditions are important not only because they bridge the gap between the generations, but also because they produce a genuine sense of comfort and belonging…..