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Artist’s earth-inspired rugs feature luxurious landscapes

These textile works of art are bursting with soft corals, algae and more.

Urban-like post-disaster rural housing incorporates rooftop gardens

This reconstruction scheme in China encourages resilience and self-sufficiency.

NASA mission reveals beautiful swirling gases on Jupiter (Video)

These incredible images sent back by the Juno spacecraft gives us a detailed look at Jupiter.

Not-so-big 409 sq. ft. apartment renovation ‘densifies’ functions

A lack of space becomes something more roomy with some simple design strategies.

Artist’s fantastical tattoos burst with vibrant flora, fauna & minerals

All kinds of curious forms of life are inked on skin by this artist.

Polar Permaculture grows fresh food in one of the coldest, darkest regions on Earth (Video)

Looking to reduce waste, increase local food security and create a “circular economy,” this permaculture project is growing food in the Arctic.

Sleek multifunctional ‘bedroom box’ maximizes this small apartment

A cramped, rundown apartment gets a makeover with this mysterious-looking black box.

8 brilliant van conversions to live, work and play in

These converted vehicles take the ‘tiny home on wheels’ concept to the next level.

Arctic foxes are ‘ecosystem engineers’ who grow beautiful gardens

Researchers discover how Arctic foxes modify their dens to make the surrounding land more fertile.

Co-living apartment designed as "social overlapping" experiment for students

This experimental co-living design scheme aims to foster communication, responsibility and human relationships.