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Artist turns bathroom into magical nature spot using recycled materials

A boring bathroom gets an amazing hand-drawn makeover.

Startup is using heat generated from Bitcoin mining to grow food and fish

Merging energy-intensive Bitcoin mining with aquaculture, this project is experimenting with how technology might be used to develop better food systems.

For this woman, van dwelling is her solution to high rents (Video)

High rents in the city prompted this young woman to look for an alternative — in a van conversion.

Big doors & windows make this all-season teardrop trailer feel open

Nimble and functional, this teardrop trailer features lots of nice views out.

Crumbling 484 sq. ft. house transformed into bright, intergenerational home

A traditional alleyway house in Beijing is transformed into an air-tight, energy-efficient home.

These floral sculptures pay homage to the humble beauty of insects (Video)

Part art, part meditative process, these works are created with plant material harvested from the artist’s urban garden.

How one couple adapted their tiny home to welcome a baby

Take a look at how this tiny house couple modified their home to make it safe and comfortable for a new addition to the family.

Minimalist aVOID tiny house is an ever-transforming living experience (Video)

It’s a multifunctional space that hides everything behind its pared-down walls.

Scientists encounter jellyfish that looks like "deep sea fireworks" (Video)

It’s deep sea candy for the eyes.

Jewel-like micro-apartment gets multifunctional makeover in Paris

This small 118-square-foot apartment holds a few pleasant, space-saving surprises.