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Modern SaltBox tiny house uses a CNC-cut panelized construction system (Video)

This minimalist build uses some innovative building techniques and materials for rapid assembly.

High-tech CityTree cleans as much pollution as 275 trees (Video)

This piece of solar-powered urban furniture cleans air, collects rainwater and also doubles as a living billboard.

Traveling family raises the roof on this brilliant off-grid bus conversion (Video)

This family of three brings their comfortable home on wheels with them as they travel full-time.

Artists tinker with grass & photosynthesis to create huge living canvases (Video)

Humble grass is transformed into living works of art with a message, using light and a lot of patience.

Tasteful French tiny house Ostara makes a grand entrance

It’s amazing what big doors can do to enlarge a small space.

Student’s zero-waste architecture is grown with ‘mushroom sausages’

This designer has developed a technique where strong and lightweight structures are cultivated with mycelium and cardboard.

Digitally fabricated pop-up cabin is inspired by legends of King Arthur

This CNC-cut structure is reminiscent of a cave that the legendary king once took refuge in.

Flat pack Bait Hive attracts bee swarms inside for safer & easier relocation (Video)

This simple, foldable bee box attracts roaming bee swarms with a pheromone lure, and helps beekeepers safely relocate bees.

Modular wall-mounted mini-vases are also canvases for art

Plants get a stylish home with these eye-catching, handmade wooden planters made for the wall.

Mobile solar ‘sail’ powers Shigeru Ban’s spherical auditorium in Paris (Video)

Looking like a “great ship,” this solar-powered music venue is a new gateway into the city.