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Beguiling nature-inspired sculptures are formed from industrial strength metals

Arranged to suggest the movement and chaos seen in nature, these lovely artworks are actually made with human-made materials.

All-ages coloring book communicates the science behind climate change (Video)

Using officially documented research and color-it-yourself data visualizations, this project aims to convey climate change data in an engaging way.

Rustic modern tiny house shows another clever way to do the stairs

There’s more than one way to go up in a small space, and this is one smart alternative.

HUBB modular furniture system adapts to changing learning environments (Video)

The static, traditional lecture classroom is slowly on its way out. Here’s how the flexible classroom of the future might be furnished.

Wedge-shaped Acute House reuses materials from demolished cottage

An irregular plot of land is turned into an advantage by incorporating outdoor space within the home’s boundaries.

LeGrow is a smart garden system you build with LEGO-like modular blocks (Video)

Perfect for small city apartments, this system allows you to use a variety of add-on components to build your own indoor garden.

Eerie "dead mall" films take us deep inside derelict retail giants (Video)

The number of failed retail spaces is growing, and this filmmaker is digitally preserving these places before they are disappear.

Contemporary cork-clad shed lets musician & seamstress work from backyard

Built in one end of a small London garden, this modern work shed uses cork to create a structure that’s well-insulated and blends in.

Artist’s captivating kinetic sculptures take inspiration from nature

These delicately formed hand-crank and motor-activated art installations blossom and grow perpetually.

Flat pack house has breathable skin that filters light & air

This prototypical house acts as an active interface between its inhabitants and the outside.