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This prefabricated house in Spain took five hours to erect

Using modular components pre-made in a factory, this modern home is airy, light and adaptable.

Man downsizes from 250 to 54 sq. ft. ‘expandable’ mobile tiny home (Video)

His “big” tiny home of 250 square feet was too big, so he’s now moved into a tinier but more flexible home that can travel with him.

Urban beekeeper using bee sounds and honey to make experimental music (Video)

Did you know honey has its own sound? Using honey and other tools, this bee enthusiast wants to raise awareness about bee colony collapse disorder through music.

Clad in 546 brooms, this micro-office is a monastic haven for work

This mysterious, hairy structure hides a calm and quiet interior for focused productivity.

Airy chapel held up by tree-like fractal structure in Japan

This chapel looks to nature and the generations-old tradition of Japanese wood joinery for inspiration.

Multifunctional wall adds two bedrooms to this tiny studio apartment

Inspired by boat design, this all-in-one wall hides two extra rooms in this small apartment in Italy.

Greenland shark may be the longest living vertebrate at 512 years old (Video)

A team of scientists have developed a novel way to determine the age of these long-lived marine animals.

Tiny 290 sq. ft. duplex renovation is an "urban cocoon"

This small space spread over two levels in Paris gets a minimalist and functional makeover.

Geometric treehouse is inspired by birds’ nests (Video)

Elevated above the trees outside a village in France, is this unique treehouse you can rent.

Nomadic home prototype built out of a shipping container (Video)

A contemporary design for an earthquake-resistant, modular home.