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Carpenter lives, works & travels out of this well-crafted bus conversion (Video)

Putting his carpentry skills to work, this young man finds a happy work-life balance thanks to his hand-built home-on-wheels.

Solar-powered Bike Sharing Farm is a mobile community garden for the city (Video)

No community garden in your neighborhood? Inspired by bike sharing schemes, this portable garden can come to you.

Extra-wide modern tiny house comes with a pop-out reading nook

This roomier tiny house in Australia is built for a couple and their two dogs.

‘Nature nerd’ creates vivid compositions showing the bright side of fungi

Made out of mushrooms and other found objects, these artworks reveal another way of looking at these amazing organisms.

Derelict grain silo converted into post-industrial residences in Copenhagen

An old concrete silo is transformed into private residences and public spaces on the city’s waterfront.

Author & filmmaker’s ultra-minimalist van conversion done for $1,200 (Video)

This man’s DIY van conversion has become a part-time home-on-wheels when he travels on book tours and filming expeditions.

Trash Tiki: Bartending duo is bringing low-impact cocktails on world pop-up tour

Delicious cocktails can be part of a low-impact lifestyle, and this pair of creative bartenders is showing the world how.

Modern Shotgun Chameleon House is an affordable DIY home (Video)

Built with passive cooling and flexibility in mind, this family home is a prototype for low-cost, energy-efficient affordable housing.

Sakura is a luxurious modern tiny house for cold climates (Video)

Built on a gooseneck trailer, this big tiny home features a lot of clever small-space design ideas.

Undulating wind-activated art installation flies like a flock of birds (Video)

Shimmering in the sunlight in Los Angeles, this “liquid shard” seems to recall the flight patterns of birds, or the swelling of ocean waves.