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Kinetic art installation mimics synchronized flocking of 400 birds (Video)

These origami-inspired ‘birds’ soar, open and close their wings, and even make some unexpected sounds.

Mirrored rammed earth dwelling blends itself into the background

The reflective glass walls hide the bulk of this home in Mexico.

Egg-shaped Escape Pod is a flexible small space for work & play

This compact, cedar-shingled structure hides a restful interior that can be made into an office or guestroom.

80-year-old wooden escalators repurposed into impressive sculpture

Instead of trashing these old treads, they have been made into a inter-looping work of art in the same station.

Birdhut’s facade has integrated birdhouses to boost local biodiversity

Built with reclaimed wood, this cabin on stilts is a nature retreat for those who want to get close with the birds.

Artist’s intense landscape collages speak of grim environmental impacts

When you look up close, there is more than meets the eye.

City’s first street library is made with wood & parametric design

This welcoming structure encourages passersby to take a book and spend some time reading.

Firefighter’s self-built tiny house is inspired by earthships (Video)

This man is able to live a mortgage-free lifestyle by living in a tiny house in the backyard, while renting out the main house.

Grain silo converted into solar-powered home for father & daughter (Video)

Made out of an old grain silo, this renovated micro-home is bursting with delightful creativity.

Twin modern cabins help nurture a close relationship with nature

Simple, no frills cabin living at its best, right by the ocean.