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Smartphones have made parenting harder than ever

Giving a kid a phone “feels a little like trying to teach your kid how to use cocaine, but in a balanced way.”

Dental extractions are at an all-time high among British children

They’re eating far too much sugar.

How to shovel snow

The TreeHugger guide to snow shovelling will help you survive the winter.

9 Zero Waste experts to follow on Instagram

Stay on track with your zero waste efforts by joining an inspiring community doing the same thing.

Grass-fed beef is threatened by nutritionally-deficient grass

“Since the mid-90s, levels of crude protein in the plants, which cattle need to grow, have dropped by nearly 20 percent.”

Scotland bans plastic-handled cotton buds

The ban on buds (swabs) is expected to reduce Scotland’s marine plastic pollution by 50 percent.

7 beauty trends that have us excited for 2018

Could the mainstream beauty industry finally be embracing healthier, greener habits? It appears so.

4 interesting facts about Millennials’ food buying habits

Convenience takes priority over all.

Veganism is now ‘cemented in our society’

A BBC report has called 2017 the year veganism went mainstream. No longer viewed as extreme, veganism is now a respected goal.

Beautiful gold jewelry comes from recycled computer motherboards

Dell has partnered with designer Nikki Reid to create a jewelry line that has 99% less impact on the planet than if it were traditionally mined.