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Clutter is bad, even if you’re not a hoarder

The amount of excess stuff in your house doesn’t have to reach sensational reality TV levels before it has negative effects on your wellbeing.

Mented makes nude, vegan, non-toxic lipsticks for women of color

This is important because Black women have a harder time finding safe, green cosmetics.

American kids spend more than two hours a day on screens

The total amount of time hasn’t increased much in six years, but the way in which it’s consumed has.

Some curious parenting advice from history

And somehow, those babies must have survived in order to produce subsequent generations.

Bea Johnson says, ‘Don’t be afraid of Zero Waste!’

In a podcast interview, Johnson says the lifestyle may seem scary but you’ll be amazed at how rich your life can be.

The paper in this notebook is made from stone

An innovative stationery company has figured out a way to make paper from crushed stone, using no trees or water in the process.

Vegan fashion is not always eco-friendly

There’s a tendency for shoppers to assume ‘vegan’ covers all their ethical bases, but it’s more complicated than that.

7 items for zero waste travel

Reduce the amount of trash generated on trips by packing a few important and versatile things.

Happy National Pasta Day!

A former exchange student to Italy, I reminisce about the various pasta-related lessons I learned so many years ago.

Putting kids to bed is hard work, but it’s not lost time

The Firefly toothbrush company did some research on how much time parents spend on bedtime — and many people are shocked.