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How to take care of your hair this winter

During cold weather, doing less to your hair will benefit it more.

Marine biologist wants to make plastic straws extinct on the Great Barrier Reef

Nicole Nash’s campaign urges tour operators and coastal resorts to ban straws completely in an effort to reduce plastic pollution.

Millennials are buying less outdoor gear

Sales have dropped in the past year, as young buyers show a preference for less specialized, more versatile items.

Can taxing ‘bad’ foods improve public health?

When citizens are unable to stay healthy, cash-strapped governments are forced to consider drastic measures.

This natural latex mattress offers a dreamy, chemical-free sleep

Unlike conventional mattresses, which contain petroleum-based synthetics, this all-natural mattress by Latex for Less is as clean and green as they come.

How to make your own herbal tea blends

Put kitchen scraps and spices to good use in these soothing, healing concoctions, perfect for a wintry day.

Smartphone users "go gray" to curb addiction

When a smartphone screen is switched to black-and-white, it loses much of its appeal — which can be a good thing.

Why animal testing in cosmetics will soon be a thing of the past

Dr. Catherine Willett explains how advances in biology are finally allowing ethics to catch up with science.

Mumbai is home to the world’s largest beach cleanup

For the past 119 Sundays, volunteers have toiled in the sludge to remove 12,000 tonnes of plastic from Versova Beach — and they’re still going strong.

The strawberry industry is about to change forever

California’s dominant strawberry market cannot survive without toxic soil fumigants, which have been recently banned.