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Avocados for Beauty

Avocados are creamy, rich fruits whose oils hold countless benefits …

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Salacia Magnolia Sea Salt

Bath salts are of the best ways to enhance the “me time” that comes with soaking in a luxurious hot tub after a long day. Bath salts are water-soluble, mineral-rich salts designed for use in your bath. Bath salts are naturally rich with minerals……

Climate Change Threatens Jamaica

Have you been waiting for the right time to book that perfect Caribbean vacation? If you’re thinking about Jamaica, you might need to be a little cautious. Climate change has really affected the popular tourist destination, causing severe levels of…..

Sandwich Me In – Zero Waste Dining

According to Green Waste, each American individually produces 4.5 pounds of waste every single day. That’s an average of 1642.5 pounds of trash created by one person every year! Can you imagine trash-free living? Zero waste lifestyles focus on…

Green Grenades

Have you ever heard of a seed bomb? Seed bombs are horticultural works of whimsy that allow you to sow seeds in hard to reach places. They’re also ideal for use “in locations where a gardener is unable to spend long [amounts of time] preparing the….

Apples, Kale and other Organic Must Haves

Organic this, pesticide-free that … after a while, any discussion on eating organically goes in one ear and out the other — for me, at least. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for healthy eating. Really, I think it’s important. It’s just that I

Cleaner Indoor Air

There are plenty of conversations about outdoor air quality, but what about the home environment? Sure, we spend a lot of time outside the home, but indoor air quality is important to maintain as well. There are so many allergens, fumes and things…

Save the Organic Citrus

Can you imagine a world without orange juice? Grapefruit juice? Lemon pound cake? Lemonade? Or even key lime pie? That would be terrible, wouldn’t it? Well, if a new disease has its way, we’ll be in a less sweet and zesty world before long….

Verano Pitcher and Glassware

  Searching for a gorgeous housewarming gift that’s Earth-friendly, stylish and lasts forever? Check out the Verano glass pitcher, and its matching glassware set. This beautiful set really caught my attention when it was offered in return for……

Bamboo Rocks the House

Growing trends in eco-friendly living indicate bamboo is a progressively popular option for greenies. Bamboo is an alternative plant that may be used to create everything from bath towels to flooring, and can be integrated into nearly any area of…