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Learn how to work with fungi for food, medicine, & remediation

Mycologos, the world’s first online mycological institute, aims to make the study and application of fungi accessible and approachable for more people.

Dear Santa, please bring me this electric café racer

This lightweight electric motorcycle from Denzel promises quick, quiet, and clean transportation for under $5000.

Foldable bike helmets made from recycled materials help fight "helmet hassle"

By folding into a size small enough to fit into a bag, LID Helmets aims to help cyclists avoid a common excuse for not wearing head protection.

Swedish electric car startup offers 5 years of free solar charging to owners

The Uniti electric city car will come bundled with a green charging incentive for buyers in Sweden.

These solar canopies supply shade & electricity, as well as catch and filter rainwater

A pair of Indian entrepreneurs has developed what they claim is “the most advanced integrated plug and play system” for shade, water, and energy.

How to care for a living Christmas tree

Instead of buying a cut tree that gets used once, choosing a potted or burlap-bagged living Christmas tree can yield years of enjoyment.

Drivers of electric cars in the US can save up to $1,070 per year in fuel costs alone

Above and beyond their ability to reduce local air pollution and carbon emissions, electric vehicles are also starting to make a lot of sense financially as well.

Credit card-sized unit claims to be world’s smallest solar charger

Sunslice is a small folding solar charger that can fit into a pocket, while still producing enough electricity to compete with much larger offerings.

Continental envisions swarms of autonomous electric BEEs as public transport

A major automotive manufacturing company, Continental AG, released its vision of “the mobility of the future,” which includes fleets of driverless electric vehicles.

This solar hydropanel can pull 10 liters of drinking water per day out of the air

SOURCE is a solar-powered and self-contained device capable of harvesting up to 10 liters of clean drinking water per day from the air.