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Online UK supermarket trials grocery delivery with an autonomous electric van

A self-driving electric delivery van has been dispatching groceries ordered online direct to customers’ houses in the UK, as a part of a real-world autonomous distribution trial.

TerraTrike adds 750W electric assist to its Rambler recumbent trike

A leading recumbent trike company is launching an electric assist version of one its popular models, with the new E.V.O. offering a 60-mile range per charge.

This clever folding electric scooter is designed to go (almost) everywhere with you

For those who want an electric mobility option that’s smaller than an e-bike, a folding electric scooter might be just the ticket.

Paw Pods offer a dignified biodegradable burial option for pets

Our pets become like family to us during their lives, so why not treat them with the dignity that a family member deserves when they die?

New carbon capture technology could help microbreweries recycle CO2 & cut costs

A technology developed at a national lab for improving carbon capture at power plants may be able to help craft breweries capture and reuse CO2 from their fermentation processes, while also slashing costs.

New compact electric cargo bike features modular hauling options and a 90+ mile range

Choose a small basket, a big basket, or just a flat rack for either the front or the rear, depending on the cargo, and add a child seat to the back if needed.

Gazelle Arroyo electric city bike offers comfort, style, & 90+ miles of range

With a 400W mid-drive Bosch motor, a 500Wh battery, and an internal 8-speed hub, the Arroyo C8 looks to be an excellent electric commuter bike.

The Phatty electric scooter could make short trips a lot more fun

No license or registration is required, but with speeds up to 20 mph, a helmet might be a good idea.

$13K DIY electric car made from recycled parts has 380+ mile range

In a bid to highlight what he calls “hybrid recycling,” Eric Lundgren converted a ’97 BMW into an electric car that has a longer driving range than the Tesla Model S P100D.

Go ahead and AVA Byte of fresh produce from this countertop garden

This soil-free smart garden promises fresh greens and veggies that are grown as local as it gets.