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Sweden offers a 25% subsidy for electric bike purchases

For the next 3 years, residents of Sweden are getting a serious incentive to get on an e-bike, as the country is setting aside about €35 million per year to subsidize their purchase.

You can now order a shipping container tiny house on Amazon

This fully-finished (and furnished) 320-square foot tiny container home is connection-ready for water, sewer, and electric.

Stockholm’s new bike share will offer 5,000 electric bikes & cost just $33 per year

The new City Bike program will also feature a ‘bring your own battery’ scheme, leaving the charging to the rider.

This retro-look electric cruiser bike offers vintage style, but no carrying capacity

The recent flush of electric bikes that hide high-tech drive systems in old-school style may not go very far in replacing a car, but they might help get more people on bicycles.

Drop-in electric bike conversion kit employs a friction drive & has a 30-mile range

EAZY Bike aims to make it simple and affordable to convert a bicycle to an e-bike with its 5-pound ‘instant’ $160 system.

Retrofit an electric drive system on any bike with bimoz

The electric bike conversion market is about to see a new entry in the form of a mid-drive unit from a company that just raised close to $1 million in crowdfunding.

New GoSun portable solar cooker weighs 2 lbs, cooks a meal in 20 minutes

The $85 GoSun Go model is claimed to have an 80+% efficiency, and to work even in cloudy and cold conditions.

This concentrated solar power plant is totally tubular & easily transported

The HELIOtube is a radical departure from conventional CSP technology, as it is based around tubes of inflatable plastic film.

DIY dome homes built from AirCrete are an affordable & ecofriendly option

First there was foamcrete, then there was papercrete and hempcrete, and now we’ve got AirCrete, a foamy mixture of air bubbles and cement.

Get off-grid & emergency power from this solar briefcase & battery packs

The HANS Solar Briefcase and PowerPack systems do double duty by supporting the Billions in Change movement.