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Sentinel-5P puts eyes in the sky to monitor progress in reducing atmospheric pollution

The successful launch of Sentinel-5P means scientists will soon have access to the most accurate monitoring yet of pollution and climate change related gases in earth’s atmosphere

Study lights up anti-vaxxers’ Twitter habits

Pinpointing the sources of myths that threaten the health of children could help get the truth out to where it is needed

Water 3.0 solves problem of microplastics and pharmaceuticals in wastewater

Current water treatment can’t remove these wastes that are increasingly implicated in serious environmental effects

Flexible cooling strip breakthrough for heat removal

This could keep people from overheating in their wearable electronic outfits or simply in the heat of the ever-warming days

Optimizing additive manufacturing for 3-D printing stronger, lighter parts (Video)

Method for 3-D printing lighter, stronger parts saves resources and promises reduced weight in critical applications like vehicles

No-packaging grocery store celebrates 3 years in business

We told you about Original Unverpackt when it was still in fundraising. This packaging free grocery and toiletries store has proven the concept can work.

Care and feeding of a healthy microbiome

The secret to a diet that makes the microbes in your gut healthy, for fighting obesity and disease

Busting the myth of the complete protein

What we can learn from Penn Jillette’s amazing weight loss story and why vegetarians may not need to worry.

Cyborg bacteria turn carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuels with zero waste

Forget about Tony Stark or the Bionic Man, the real cyborg action starts with microscopic swamp creatures

First wolf cubs born wild in Bavaria in over 150 years

When you watch the video do you see a triumph of nature or the beady eyes of a predator?