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This Sweet DIY Lip Balm Recipe Is Worthy of a Kiss

This time of year is prime time for chapped lips …

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Earth911TV: DIY Sinus & Allergy Relief

Confession: I am the poster child for bad allergies. Sinus …

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Eco-Friendly July 4th Ideas Worth Celebrating, Too

The Fourth of July usually doesn’t conjure up images of being eco-friendly, but there’s nothing that says you can’t strive to be the freest of free — sustainable — on this day celebrating American independence. From celebration to cuisine, we…

Ecological Landscaping Works, Plus How To Do It Correctly

Landscaping can take a drab outdoor home environment and turn it dreamy.  But, your chosen landscaping shouldn’t tax your environment.  What do we mean by that?  We like the term ecological landscaping and the folks over Fix have done a great….

Create Your Own DIY Scandinavian Design Pieces

Everyone has their own interior design preference. From retro to modern, there is a flavor for everyone.  Now if you’re into Scandinavian design, boy have we got some exciting DIY Scandinavian design project ideas for you below.  We must…

Why Compartmentalizing Your Garden Works

Do this. Don’t do that. Be there. Be that.  It is a life skill — compartmentalizing our lives — that can be immensely helpful, detrimental or perhaps both depending on just how you play it.  One area where compartmentalizing your life……

Looking To Recycle Your Satellite TV Dish? Read This First.

Satellite TV dishes – they can be as common-place as mailboxes and chimneys.  According to the Satellite Industry Association, there are approximately 200 million satellite TV subscribers worldwide.  And with each subscriber is a satellite dish of….

Not All Recycling Apps Created Equal

We’ve all heard the tongue-in-cheek ‘there’s an app for that.’  Spend a few minutes online (better yet on your phone) and you’ll likely be convinced yourself if skeptical.  Whether for connection, amusement, educatio…

Earth Day Is A Journey And Destination

With Earth Day this Friday, Destination Hotels honors the holiday with a variety of special eco-friendly programming at its properties, as well as through their Destination Earth program. Destination Hotels’ recently teamed up with Tesla Motors to……

Earth Day Pledge: Zero Waste For A Day

Each year Earth Day reminds us that we all, collectively, must take care of this little blue and green home. After all, its the only one we have.  Now its all too easy to slip back into old habits come April 23rd. So, why not try something a little…..