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The Future Looks Clean: Clean Energy Trends For 2015

Clean energy is simply energy that provides power without also creating greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) or air pollution. Wind, solar, biofuels, geothermal and hydropower are all examples of clean energy, while coal, oil and natural gas are – in…

Plug And Play: Electric Cars Hitting The Road In 2015

Electric cars are revving their engines 2015 is going to be a big year for electric vehicles (EVs). According to Forbes, “through November of [2014], 83,647 electric cars were sold in America. While this represents a 26% increase over the number……

What’s Your IQ? The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub Redefines Intelligent

The wonders of water Water is one of those wonderful things we take for granted. It comes out of the tap, falls out of the shower head, and is there to splash in at the beach or lake. But in a world that is both warming and growing in population,…

Ready For Wearable Environmental Intel? Tzoa Portable Air Quality Monitor

“Wearable technologies” are smart devices that can be worn on the user’s body (or clipped to a backpack or purse) and have advanced functions ranging from wireless connectivity to processing and analytics capabilities. The wearable electronics…..

Data Driven: Automatic Car Adapter And App Revolutionizes Driving Experience

An Automatic that’s not a transmission These days, the innovation around cars is exploding. That’s a good thing given that addressing car emissions is a key sustainability challenge. While car makers from Tesla to Mercedes are stepping up, so too…..

Shedding Light On The Benefits Of Automatic Shades

Can window shades be smart? Well, that depends. Looking back, window shades have come a long way from the days of manually-pull-the-cord-twist-the-stick.  Shades are evolving to be part of an ever growing home automation system - a growing market…

Call It What You Want, RYNO Is One Tough Eco Machine

What’s a RYNO? When it comes to getting from point A to point B on land, there are many options – cars, bikes, motorcycles, even Segways. But another “personal mobility device” is on the horizon: the RYNO. (Stands for “Ride Your New Opportunity…

Aquaponic System Takes Indoor Gardening Full Circle

Aquaponics is the growing of fish and plants together in a symbiotic system. Basically the fish create waste that serve as nutrients for plants, and the plants clean the water, which re-circulates back to the fish. In a world straining to feed…

Waste Not: Clean Energy Inventions Capture And Reuse Energy Waste

The U.S. wastes a lot of energy. The good folks at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab measure just how much is wasted every year. In 2012, the U.S. used 39% of the energy it produced, and “lost” or wasted the rest. Most of that waste comes from 2….

Growing Altitude: Creating Jet Biofuel From Saltwater Tolerant Plants

Are you hopping on a plane soon for holiday travel? Your trip may be powered – in part – by plants. Here’s the scoop: Air travel is growing.  You’ll have lots of company on your trip, and not just because of the season. Air travel….