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Tired Of Spending Your Money On Gas? Get A Chevy Volt

No matter how much or how little gas costs, buying it is pretty much the same as burning money. Plus, no matter what gas costs, using it still has the same environmental impact: every gallon of gasoline burned generates about 20 pounds of carbon…

Earthship village will soon land in Colorado Springs

Earthships aren’t designed to take families out of this world to explore other galaxies. But they are taking off on this planet and will soon land in Colorado Springs. The …

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Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Sensing Savings: 3 Smashingly Simple Home Automation Systems

Not only can home automation save you money, it can save your sanity, too. For anyone who has started off on a family vacation and instantly started stressing over whether an iron was turned off or the front door was locked, you know that peace of…

In London, they say "Cycling is now mass transport and must be treated as such"

New buildings, Like Foster’s 250 City Road, have bike parking that reflects this “cultural shift.”

Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit Plants Seed Of Learning

There’s something about getting your hands dirty during a project.  Getting to watch the fruits (or plants in this case) of your labor grow (literally)…well that’s just the bee’s knees.  And, what kid doesn’t like to get his or her hands di…

Bathroom has sink and tub built into the bed

I like weird bathrooms, but is this too much?

DIY brown sugar vanilla lip scrub

This yummy 3-ingredient recipe will gently exfoliate away dry and dead skin.

7 recipes for snow

From maple candy to snow ice cream, here’s how to put the bounty of winter to work.

Eating In: 5 Ways To Start Your Indoor Gardening This Winter

Just because there is snow on the ground doesn’t mean it’s time to stop focusing on living more sustainably. While many of us go into inaction during the winter, it’s time to take it up a notch and focus on our winter sustainability practices. On…

London is too rich, too transient to care about solar

The UK’s capital city lags way behind the rest of the country when it comes to solar adoption. Are there lessons for the rest of the world?