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Photo: Praying mantis in the shadows

Have you ever seen a mantis like this before?

Soda industry spends $1.7 million to fight $0.01 per ounce tax in Berkeley

The California town has become the latest battle ground in the soda wars, with a November ballot proposal to tax drinks with added sugar.

Carving Out a Different Kind of Halloween

Changing how we approach holiday celebrations is one of the simplest ways to model eco-friendly habits for our children. Showing them how to consume less, consume responsibly and consider the impact of our actions on the environment while still…

Upgrade to Carrot: It’s what a vegetable should be.

Instead of downloading yet another health app, try Carrot instead. It promises to seamlessly deliver fresh, quality nutrients to your body, wirelessly.

The perils of prefab, as Atlantic Yards modular tower is stopped and lawsuits start flying

Had they “cracked the code” of high rise prefab? Apparently not.

Restaurants Adding More Green

Dining out is big business. Let’s talk about dining out. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just can’t face cooking another meal at home, dining out is a happy option for many people. Indeed, the restaurant industry pulls in almost….

Are efficiency improvements truly beneficial or are the gains being eaten by Jevons?

From LED lights to hybrid and electric cars, are new technologies making a positive difference?

Communities are declaring themselves Bee City USA

Towns self-identifying as pollinator friendly in an effort to help advance the cause of bee conservation. It might even help the economy.

How predators protect plant biodiversity

Herbivores are having a field day Kenya.

A picture is worth: The Brooklyn Death-O-Meter

There’s nothing new under the sun.