Green Earth News

The 10 happiest countries on the planet

The Gallup 2017 Global Emotions report is in, revealing a few surprises about which nations are feeling the most positively about things.

Online UK supermarket trials grocery delivery with an autonomous electric van

A self-driving electric delivery van has been dispatching groceries ordered online direct to customers’ houses in the UK, as a part of a real-world autonomous distribution trial.

Modern SaltBox tiny house uses a CNC-cut panelized construction system (Video)

This minimalist build uses some innovative building techniques and materials for rapid assembly.

Biking and walking in Berlin is a breath of fresh air (metaphorically, not literally)

It is a strange and wonderful experience where you don’t know what’s around the corner

How industrial-style tourism is hurting Italy

The influx of money that tourists bring may be good for the economy, but many Italians are saying, ‘Enough!’

Greenpeace tech product guide ranks Apple, Samsung low on repairability

A consumer product guide compiled along with iFixit shows which brands make it easy to fix our gadgets and which don’t.

‘Straws’ film reveals how the straw in your drink is hurting the world

More than half a million straws are thrown away daily in the U.S. These get blown and washed into oceans and rivers, where animals mistake them for food.

Europeans lead the way in designing cars that protect pedestrians

And why are these not standard equipment on every car?

The low-cost electric car charging station that every employer should have

It’s a common misconception, but EVs don’t need expensive charging stations to get a charge.

We all live in a yellow submarine named Boaty McBoatface

The sub with the silly name does real science and generates real excitement.