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On MNN: The maple syrup bubble, soundproofing your apartment, and the library of things

and lessons in management from Renaissance Florence

These recycled ‘pasture’ rugs bring nature’s textures into the home

These unique, handcrafted rugs are made to emulate the look and feel of moss, grass, snow and sand, for enjoyment at home.

Zero waste is all the rage, but is it realistic?

Achieving 100% zero waste isn’t always feasible, but the path toward zero waste comes with its own rewards.

Tarantula named after Johnny Cash is one of 14 new species

The man in black plays muse to the spider set.

Photo: White-tailed jackrabbit chills in the snow

A lesson in playing it cool.

Solar shipping container charges & stores electric cargo bikes for zero emissions deliveries

Combining solar power, battery storage, electric vehicles, and shipping containers, this local transportation and delivery solution pushes all of the right cleantech buttons.

Crazy facts about stuff to make you stop mindless shopping

For starters, Americans spend $1.2 trillion annually on nonessential goods.

Why you should take dietary advice from your grandmother

Put away the fancy smoothies, kale salads and cold-pressed juice. It could be that noodle soups, lentils and rice, or cabbage with meat are far healthier for you.

Off-grid tiny dwelling is inspired by boat design

An ex-boat builder and carpenter creates this gorgeous little home in New Zealand.

6 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas With Heart

As a couple who doesn’t follow the gift-giving status quo, my husband and I don’t send pesticide-laden flower bouquets or nosh on slave-labor chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Rather, we like to be unique with our gift giving and choose eco-friendly…