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8 grandma-approved beauty habits to adopt now

Behold the spunk, simplicity, and sustainability of granny wisdom.

Project TGIF – Inspiring Social Entrepreneur Turns Grease Into Fuel

When a seventh-grader tells the world she has found a brilliantly simple way to solve not one but three big issues affecting her community, people sit up and pay attention. It should come as no surprise then that ever since twelve-year old…

Photo: Neon yellow tree frog

This bright amphibian is commonly known as a Chachi tree frog.

Enter the World Environment Day blogging competition and win a trip to Milan

In anticipation of World Environment Day on June 5, the United Nations Environment Programme is hosting a blogging competition to raise awareness about this year’s theme of sustainable consumption.

This is one terrific steampunk teardrop trailer

It has everything you need, including a chandelier.

The power of ‘puppy dog eyes’ explained

The gaze between human and dog can share physiological properties similar to that of mother and infant, a new study finds.

British architects demand construction industry take responsibility for cyclists’ deaths

Of the five deaths this year, construction vehicles were overwhelmingly represented.

Innovative Loopwheel has integrated suspension for a smoother ride (Video)

This crowdfunded idea is a complete redesign of the wheel: instead of spokes, there’s a looping suspension mechanism built right into the wheel for better shock absorption.

Self-powered camera can take photos forever

The camera runs on the light reflected from its subjects.

Earth Art: 4 DIY Earth Day Craft Projects For Kids

Crafting is always a fun way to keep kids entertained but it can oftentimes involve a lot of excess material, and, ultimately, waste. When done properly, however, crafting can be a super fun way to introduce your kids to the concept…