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7 reason mosquitoes bite some people more than others

Are you a mecca for mosquitoes? Understanding what lures the insidious insects can be useful in avoiding them.

Project aims to bring light to an entire country with solar lanterns

This crowdfunding campaign intends to help illuminate the lives of millions of Dominicans who face the daily prospect of blackouts, as well as those in the country who don’t have electricity.

Your money and your life: ditching your car gives you more of both.

Two financial advisors on the benefits of going carfree.

Researchers create incredible, everlasting battery

This breakthrough technology was invented on accident.

Bob Dylan and Jane Jacobs wrote a song together

Perhaps he will sing it for her hundredth birthday this week.

Going in circles: Could we build Dutch style roundabouts in North America?

Making roundabouts work for cyclists isn’t easy, and requires trust as well as engineering

Red meat may be taxed in Denmark to fight climate change

Climate change has become an ethical issue in the eyes of the Danish Council for Ethics, which suggested last week that the government consider a tax on beef, and eventually all foods depending on climate impact.

Urban Farming 101: How To Start An Urban Farm

Urban farming is a trend that appears to be here to stay, and is even catching on at airports, shipping containers and rooftops. I recently attended a lively session at the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group Conference in Lexington,…

Why home birth is different in the United States compared to Canada

The lack of standardized training and credentials among American midwives has created a patchwork system. It’s time for the U.S. to catch up to Canada in this area of healthcare.

Modern tiny home boasts a big kitchen for foodies

Tiny house kitchens can be often quite small, but this home’s kitchen is relatively large and has plenty of counter space to cook up a storm.