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It’s time to adopt Cosmic Time, one time for the entire world

Time zones are an anachronism in the Internet age. Let’s get rid of them.

The 10 most peaceful countries in the world

Europe remains the most peaceful region, but the 2017 Global Peace Index shows that peace in the U.S. has taken a tumble.

Raw furniture is grown with mushroom mycelium

Coppiced wood and fungi become one in this collection of conceptual furniture.

Patagonia launches Worn Wear, an online store for used gear

The pop-up events were so successful that the outdoor clothing retailer has made them permanent.

My 2013 Nissan Leaf goes further now than when I bought it

The case for electric vehicles—even old ones—just keeps getting better.

Just what we needed dept.: An electric scooter ‘powered’ by a treadmill

With this electric scooter, you don’t kick or push. You walk. Does that make the Lopifit an e-walker?

This beautiful albino orangutan is waiting for her ‘forest island’

After rescuing the world’s only known albino orangutan from a cage, a conservation group in Indonesia is hoping to build a special reserve for her.

Photo: Trees claimed by Colliford Lake

Our dreamy photo of the day comes from Cornwall, England.

Surprising Ways Today’s Trends Affect Paper Recyclers

Think about how many things have changed in the past …

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Thinking about a $3,500 baby fur? Don’t be foolish.

Not only will it drain your bank account, but it’s probably bad for your kid.