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Why New York City Is Tackling Water Pollution Naturally

Brooklyn residents are very familiar with the Gowanus Canal in New York City. This canal has become one of the most polluted the waterways in the U.S. thanks to waste disposal and sewage runoff as well as industrial pollution from paper mills,…

7 Eco-Friendly Toy And Gift Ideas For The Holidays

I’m a big proponent of cutting down on the amount of stuff I give and receive during the Christmas season. Although I’m a huge fan of the Christmas season, it can get expensive, overwhelming, and wasteful if not done consciously. One way to balance…..

EyesOnHives: App uses real-time analytics to monitor beehive health (Video)

This new technology could save bees from colony collapse disorder by alerting beekeepers ahead of time whether the hive is thriving or sick — and allowing beekeepers to share their data and knowledge with others.

Cosmic glass art is infused with glowing miniature universes inside (Video)

Featuring a shimmering central planet made out of opal and real flecks of gold, these captivating, miniature galaxies are made completely out of glass.

Photo: Tropical tree frog sports bright orange toes

Linda’s tree frogs (Hyloscirtus lindae) are listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Couple surrounds eco-home with greenhouse to keep it warm (Video)

A greenhouse completely envelopes this self-sustaining home, to give it extra warmth during the Scandinavian winters.

Buddha Is An Air Freshener

Smells are incredibly evocative – they can bring us back to childhood memories, remind us of people who have long since left this world, and help us relive cherished experiences. It’s no wonder so many are concerned about what their homes smell…

Tianjin, China’s 4th largest city, will get 1,000 EV fleet for car-sharing

A city of over 15 million people that most people in the Western hemisphere probably have never heard about…

The low-tech solution to cut carbon emissions in half

The bridge to a to a low-carbon future that we already have.

7 Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Some of them taste better than the originals they were made from.