Green Earth News

Photo: Least tern adopts angel pose

Our photo of the day reveals the angelic side of an energetic tern.

Is the McMansion era over?

It appears that they have turned out to be a bad investment.

Artist’s murals of animals in mystical metamorphosis reconnect us back to nature (Video)

Animals painted with fantastical realism undergo an extraordinary transformation in these large-scale artworks.

How to reduce exposure to pollutants while stuck in traffic

New study says simple adjustments to a car’s ventilation system during traffic jams can reduce exposure to pollutants by up to 76 percent.

Have we reached Peak Dog in our cities?

On National Dog Day, a look at the question of doggie density

Solar Powered Jacket Heats Without The Usual Bulk

You‚Äôve heard of solar powered homes and solar powered devices, but have you heard of a¬†solar powered jacket?¬†ThermalTech¬†is changing the way we look at fabric with its new patented energy absorbing technology. How ThermalTech got started…

Off-grid Autonomous Tents are made for luxurious camping

Sitting like a white-shelled organism on the landscape, these hi-tech tents offer a glamorous camping experience.

Happy 25th birthday, Linux!

There’s a lot for TreeHuggers to love about the little operating system.

Sage Project turns food data into personalized interactive food labels for the 21st century

This food label platform takes complex food data and turns it into easy-to-understand and actionable information that fits our own health goals.

Photo: A photo of Yellowstone to celebrate 100 years of national parks

Happy birthday, National Park Service!