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Smoke from open cooking fires kill 4 million people each year. These cookies can help.

3 billion people still use open fires for cooking and heating, and it’s literally killing them. This smokeless cookstove and its fuel cookies are one effective solution.

Smart(er) Phone: 4 Mobile Apps That Reduce Waste In Your Life

The notion that technology can be good for the environment may be a hard pill to swallow for some. And perhaps not without reason; after all, we’ve all seen the images of computer monitors piled up in landfills. But the truth of the matter is that…

Photo: Welcome to the tree frog house

Kelly Meehan photographed this tree frog in Florida.

Fable Naturals’ skincare products are wonderfully green and Fairtrade

It’s tough to find a green skincare company that’s Fairtrade, too, but this Vancouver-based company does a great job of doing both.

Grow A Living Wall: An Interview With Shawna Coronado

Many people don’t have a garden because they feel they don’t have the space. However, Shawna Coronado is here to tell you that you don’t need a lot of space to grow some of your own food! In her book, Grow a Living Wall, Shawna teaches you how to…

From Kickstarter to Home Depot: Edyn smart garden sensor brings IOT to your garden

The emerging Internet of Things (IOT) is enabling the use of smart devices in surprisingly down-to-earth places.

Michigan lawmaker wants to call burning tires “renewable energy”

Proposed bill would make burning tires and other industrial solid waste count towards the state’s mandate of generating 10 percent of its energy from renewables.

Sharp Skills: How To Get A Perfect, Plastic-Free Shave

When you are transitioning to an Eco-friendly life, it’s nice if you can also look good, you know? Along my descent into hippie madness, I have realized that if you take the time to investigate, Eco-friendly choices can often be more aesthetically…

Once again, the annual whine about fireworks.

They are dangerous, they are polluting, and we should grow up already.

China’s war on pollution: Retired officials can still be punished for pollution that occurred when they were in charge

Incentives are powerful. This could change the behavior of many people in power in the country.