Green Earth News

Elegant moss-covered furniture for nature-lovers is preserved with resin

Another collection that brings bits of nature into the home, using clear resin as a way to retain its beauty.

Zoobombing: Portland phenomenon of grown-ups speeding downhill on kiddie bikes (Video)

What began as an impromptu nighttime ride is now a weekly Portland institution, which characterizes itself as an “open source bike club” that emphasizes thrills, creativity and of course, safety.

Photo: Spiderweb sparkles in the dew

This web is strewn with beads of dew.

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Photo: Fog rolls in over the water

Even the fog can be beautiful.

Solarade portable solar charger is powerful and lightweight (Review)

This small solar charger is as fast as charging from a wall outlet, and is portable and lightweight enough to go just about anywhere.

Will Toronto finally reduce speed limits?

A new campaign is taking over the streets of the City, as Doug Ford takes over from Rob at the 11th hour

Marlow Goods offers farm-to-table purses

These designer bags from Brooklyn are made with local leather.

Mantis Murder Shrimp Strikes Again (Video)

If humans could strike as hard as a peacock mantis shrimp, we’d be able to throw a baseball into space…

WorkAway: Adventure planning made-to-order

Humans have many needs and wants competing for their attention. Work, recreation, and relationships are manageable, but what about our need for travel and experiences? Here’s how WorkAway is making travel easy, inexpensive, and sustainable….