Green Earth News

Photo: Cutest mountain goat babies ever, we kid you not

Our absolutely adorable photo of the day comes from Mount Evans, Colorado.

Energy-efficient steel-framed micro-home uses insulated metal panel system

This tiny home uses high-strength and lightweight steel for its framing, and insulated metal wall panels.

Let’s go camping! A look at the moveable feast

There is a lot to learn about minimalist living from camp kitchens and tools.

12 national animals and their iconic footprints

From Indonesia’s Komodo dragon to the gray wolves of Turkey, learn how to identify the footprints of some of the world’s most remarkable animals.

Americans spend more than half their food money on meals that require no cooking

Latest numbers reveal some disturbing culinary habits and preferences.

Do you know where your favorite foods come from?

This fun infographic maps the ingredients in the U.S.A.’s top 20 foods.

Device that harvests energy from human motion could be seamlessly integrated into clothing

The device is so thin it could be woven into fabric without changing the feel of it.

Why we should fix what we’ve got instead of starting from scratch

Do we need hyperloops? No, we need trains that work.

‘The Idle Parent’ is the most unconventional parenting book I’ve ever read

In an odd marriage of attachment and free-range parenting philosophies, the book advocates for responsible laziness on the part of adults.

Delightful forest creatures are carved out of avocado seeds

The humble avocado pit has been rescued from the compost bin of obscurity and remade into these magical little sculptures.