Green Earth News

Spoken word poet shares heartfelt inspiration in the face of crisis (Video)

Often, the struggles of the global environmental movement are fought with heads and hands. This eloquent spoken word poem by Shane Koyczan reminds us that it’s a matter of our hearts too.

Why not learn from the best? 10 great transportation ideas from 10 great cities!

if most cities decided to invest more in that type of infrastructure rather than more car parkings, pollution would go down and health and happiness would go up a lot.

Prefab Australian home produces more energy than it uses

Designed to capture and maximize the flows of sunlight, water and air, this prefabricated home feels modern, light and spacious.

Photo: The oh-so-orange eye of a lesser sandhill crane

Sandhill cranes vary in size by region, the smallest sub-species is called is the “lesser” sandhill crane.

Foot Soldiers: Bike And Walk Your Way To Better Sleep

Opting for more eco-friendly means of transportation like walking and biking yields obvious benefits for environmental health, but it also benefits your personal health as well. In addition to the physical activity and green aspects, getting…

7 surprising benefits of an afternoon nap

From boosting memory to lowering blood pressure, a little midday shut-eye is a study in small wonders.

Reformation offers eco-chic with celebrity appeal

Eco-conscious clothier Reformation has gained popularity with a number of celebrities.

Video: The Most Recycled Material In The World

What’s the most recycled material on the planet? If you guessed ferrous metal — any magnetic metal that contains iron — you get a gold star. Just what makes the ferrous metal industry so important, how does recycling reduce carbon dioxide…

Micro-apartments are going up in some unlikely places

Forget NYC and San Francisco, micro-apartments are spouting up all over North America

This beautiful sweater is made entirely in the USA, from sheep to shelf

Cutting-edge retailer Zady proves that it is possible for fashion to be local, ethical, and sustainable, just the way it should be.