Green Earth News

Modular 3D printed furniture is inspired by molecular links

Customizable and playful, this set of simple components is designed to allow you to create any kind of furniture structure you need.

Inhabit documentary explores permaculture in principle and practice (Review)

This Kickstarter-funded film delivers a beautiful portrait of permaculture’s potential in both rural and urban settings.

Pollution was just too much: Beijing to close its last remaining coal plant next year

Concrete steps in the right direction, but are they doing enough?

5 Times To Compromise As An Environmentally Friendly Mother

Living an Eco-friendly life ranks pretty high on the priority list for many mothers out there, so its not surprising that it can often become a huge source of stress, too. And I don’t know about you, but despite my commitment to the cause I firmly…

Nashville 185 sq. ft. tiny home is a modern guesthouse

To make an extra bit of income and to have a smaller home to live in for the future, this Nashville couple decided to build a modernist micro-home.

Photo: A bird haloed by the rising sun

This beautiful sunrise was captured at Merced National Wildlife Reserve in Los Banos, California.

Dousing flames with sound waves, new fire extinguisher makes no mess

Like a gadget from a superhero’s gizmo-kit, two engineering students have invented a device to battle blazes with noise – water and toxic chemicals not required.

Camera trap captures first video of lion in Gabon in 20 years

Good news from Gabon: Conservation efforts in Batéké Plateau National Park are rewarded with a sighting of an animal thought to have disappeared from the region.

What’s That Echo? Echoing Green Resonates Social Entrepreneurship

Impact Investing. Social Entrepreneurship. Social Investment.  At just two words each, these concepts have been creating a lot of positive buzz lately. Just two words itself, non-profit Echoing Green has been investing in positive change too – and…

Date palm grown from 2,000-year-old seed is a dad

Break out the cigars! Long the only lonely representative of its kind, the Judean palm in now reproducing and giving researchers a glimpse back in time.