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Vapor Barriers

In most climates, vapor barriers, or, more accurately, vapor diffusion retarders, should be part of a moisture control strategy for a home. A vapor barrier or vapor diffusion retarder is a material…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

BMW proposes elevated e-bike cycleways to ease congestion & speed commutes

Instead of banning cars from city centers, this automaker recommends elevated roads for electric bikes & scooters to ease congestion and emissions.

3D printed modular units for the homeless would use under-utilized vertical walls

This project proposes bringing back the single-room occupancy unit, but built vertically up on New York City’s walls.

It’s not just self-driving cars, it is a whole New Mobility Now

A new study looks at how AVs are part of a much bigger picture of how we get around.

Don’t worry about perfection when it comes to zero waste

Zero waste expert Lindsay Miles tells people to start wherever they can, that actions are like ripples in the fight against plastic packaging.

DARPA turning plants into stealth environmental sensors

Using the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, the agency is working to develop spies in the natural world.

The electric house of the future was built in 1905

It sounds much like the smart home of today.

Black Friday is losing appeal for US shoppers, but it’s not as good as it sounds

Consumerism is still ingrained, which is why we need to fight back with the ‘Buy Nothing’ movement.

Durham, NC, gets two "dock-less" bike share programs

I guess Southern cities can get more bike friendly after all.

Meet the babies from the new season of Nat Geo’s Savage Kingdom

It’s rough out there fighting for survival on the African plains, but savagery has its cute side too: Baby animals!