Green Earth News

Watch wild reindeer from this gorgeous observation pavilion in Norway

Europe’s last remaining wild reindeer herds roam the beautifully stark mountains of Norway – Viewpoint Snøhetta is where to watch them.

‘Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things’

This intriguing film asks a question we should all be asking ourselves: “How might your life be better with less?”

The evolution of a backyard food forest – the first three years

Thinking of planting a food forest? Here’s how one guy got started.

Mobile solar-plus-storage device could be an entry-level gateway to clean energy

The SolPad Mobile device offers a scaled-up solar charging and battery solution for both home and off-grid applications.

Photo: Muskoxen pose for family portrait in the rain

Our majestic photo of the day comes from Nome, Alaska.

60% of primate species now threatened with extinction

Already, some species of lemurs, monkeys and apes are down to a population of a few thousand individuals, warn the authors of a comprehensive new report.

Artist’s mind-blowing strobe-animated sculptures rotate & bloom like nature (Video)

A must-watch: drawing upon precise mathematical patterns found in nature, these 3D printed beauties come alive with movement.

Hot red chili peppers may be the secret to longer life

The more you eat spicy foods, the longer you may stave off death.

Buttons for buttocks: Bidet toilet manufacturers agree to standardized symbols

No more guessing what the buttons mean when you use a fancy bidet, they are sort of obvious.

Can you build an "energy positive" office building north of sixty?

Snøhetta’s PowerHouse Telemark will be built to the world’s most insanely tough energy standard.