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More than half of students at U.S. community colleges say they’re hungry

Food insecurity is a very real problem for many Americans, but who knew that it affected so many college students, too?

Photo: Just 2 smiling llamas walking down the road

Our charming photo of the day comes from beautiful Ecuador.

The marvel and magic of reindeer antlers

If you’ve ever wondered where reindeer get their powers from, look no further than those towering crowns of bone.

Living & working have their own transparent spaces in these Zen Houses

Instead of combining the two poles of work and leisure, this simple and functional design separates them into distinct volumes.

The future of our cities is multi-modal

There really are lots of alternatives to driving.

Will Earth still exist in 5 billion years?

Astronomers look to another star and its orbiting planet for a sneak peek of own solar system when the sun becomes 100 times larger than it is now.

A morning routine to clear your head

Called ‘Morning Pages,’ the practice of handwriting three pages every morning has been embraced by many successful individuals.

See Just How Much Food You — Yes, You — Are Wasting

In 2012, we received some dismal news about food waste. A staggering 40 percent of food is wasted from farm to fork, according to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council. Suddenly, we were all running to our fridges to make soups from…

This distinctive electric motorbike is a ground-up reinvention of the motorcycle

The Johammer J1 electric motorcycle is a head-turning e-mobility solution that can double as a home battery storage device.

Your peripheral vision is not necessarily what you think it is

A new study might explain why drivers sometimes don’t see cyclists and pedestrians.