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Break It Down: 4 Composters For Small Spaces

A common misconception is that you can’t garden and make sustainable living choices if you are limited on space. That’s simply not true! Anyone can take small steps to living more sustainably. Take the first gardening step by picking up a packet o…

Pair Your Astute Palate With This Unique Pallet Wine Rack

Wooden pallets aren’t usually given much thought. They are the unsung hero of supplying our daily needs. They’re the sturdy structural support that allows everything from boxes and bags of food to appliances and bags of compost to be easily…

Multifunctional pillow furniture expands tiny spaces for guests (Video)

When you live in small space, dressing up the floor and making it comfortable may be the next best option when hosting a lot of people.

Woodzee launches USA-made line of sunglasses upcycled from whiskey barrels

Woodzee founder opens a factory in his own hometown, to make wooden sunglasses from recycled materials.

How to freeze summer vegetables

There’s no need to resort to insipid produce from across the globe once the local growing season has ended.

Two-wheel drive electric utility bike doubles as a remote power supply

The Ubco 2X2 is not exactly a speed demon, but as an electric workhorse with a 200kg capacity, it’s well-suited to farm, rural, and offroad use.

In celebration of MacGyvering: 90 hacks to welcome in a new word

With Oxford Dictionary’s addition of the verb ‘MacGyver’ to the official lexicon, we pay homage to the almighty hack.

Photo: This snake is called a graceful snail eater

Pretty DIY composting system doubles as a planter

Hil Padilla, who works with the Kadoorie Conservation China Department, designed this cool composer/planter system you can make yourself.

Eating alone is ‘the most American thing there is’

It’s an unfortunate reputation for a nation to have, but sadly it’s true that solitary dining is on the rise as being the norm in the United States.