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Taking back the streets: Open Streets takes Toronto

It ended too early but it sure was fun while it lasted.

Photo: Dracula’s orchid

These orchids get their name from the blood-red color of several species.

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Photo: Serenity at Sequim Bay

The name Sequim come from the Native American term for “quite water.”

Construction halted on world’s tallest prefab in Brooklyn

It’s the usual fight between the contractor who wants to be paid for cost overruns and the developer who claims it’s all a fixed price contract.

Tesla showroom goes virtual thanks to Google Streetview

The next best thing to being there.

Build a self-watering container garden from a 55 gallon barrel (video)

Wicking beds and self-watering plant pots can produce veggies with less water, and are simple enough to build yourself. Here’s how to create one from a food-grade plastic barrel.

Photo: Butterfly egg could be from another world

It’s the egg of an American Copper, sitting on a sheep’s sorrel leaf.

Not-quite-Super: Tesla has been quietly building another charging network

Quietly, almost in secret, Tesla has been building another charging network to make life even more convenient for its customers.

City of Toronto pulls great anti-littering campaign

But really, they should have seen this coming.