Green Earth News

Teslas are about to start driving themselves on the highway, Elon Musk says on Twitter

A new software update that will enable some ‘autopilot’ features is almost ready.

Photo: Pitcher plant is pretty in pink, but still deadly

Pitcher plants, which belong to the genus Sarracenia, are carnivores.

Zap Home Electric Waste With This ‘Next Gen’ Power Strip

Invented in 1972 by Australian electrical engineer Peter Talbot, power strips help better manage our electric devices and guard against power surges.  By design they guard against energy waste (think phantom power) and in the event of…

Artist sculpts hyper-real landscape out of encyclopedia set (Video)

Books aren’t just for reading — you can carve incredible works out of them too, as this artist has done with this 24-volume set.

Personalized 3D printed casts to better heal broken limbs

Could the bulky, burdensome casts of yesterday give way to streamlined and personally tailored solutions?

Callina’s slow fashion sweaters preserve culture and nature

Designer Michelle Sheppard creates sustainable garments with a connection to cultural traditions.

We can’t keep living (and working) in glass houses

In the era of climate change, we have to build better buildings with less glass.

ThyssenKrupp tops off testing tower at 800 feet

This is going to be a hell of a ride.

New wolf species discovered in Africa

Named the African golden wolf, the discovery increases the overall biodiversity of the Canidae family from 35 living species to 36.

No A/C for me! Bring on the summer heat

After months of cold Canadian weather, I greet the summer heat with open arms, even if it’s uncomfortable at times.