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Why did this grandma move into her converted backyard shed?

Find out why this compassionate grandmother of five decided to give up her two-bedroom home and move into her quaintly renovated backyard shed.

It’s time clothing designers demand sustainable fabrics

As three major textiles trade shows converge on New York City, a discussion about the social and environmental cost and social costs of fabric—and by extension fashion—seems timely.

Official: Williston Air Quality OK After Fire

WILLISTON, N.D. (AP) — Air quality tests at the site of an industrial fire in Williston showed levels “that would not raise concern,” North Dakota Department of Health Air Quality Division director Terry O’Clair said…

Waterless Dyeing: Cleaning Up Fashion

The fashion industry comes under fire for its wasteful practices on such a frequent basis that it’s no surprise that the textile dyeing industry is also catching flak. Now, this isn’t undeserved flak mind you; textile dyeing is dirty and wasteful…..

10 tips for making your dishwasher more efficient

Today’s technology makes dishwashers much more water and energy efficient than hand washing dishes. Here are some tips for taking that efficiency to the next level.

Photo: Cute hedgehog found on a garden path

Our photo contributor writes that he spotted this “nice little creature” in his garden.

Would you use wifi in the wild? (survey)

Some think parks should be cellphone free; others say they are a safety feature and a part of life now.

Park encourages visitors to leave cell phones, cars keys behind

The New Forest’s “Tech Creche” is an interesting way to create a little space between ourselves and our gadgets.

A Soul Box in Arcadia, AKA a tiny house in Germany

There are some pretty wonderful things going on in this little structure.

Try a bike map app that shows the best routes for the whole world

CycleMap is an app created by two techno-and-bike nerds so that they could happily bike anywhere in the world, and now they are offering it free to you.