Green Earth News

Genovation GXE breaks land speed record for electric cars at 205.6 mph

They call it ” a car that is both exhilarating for drivers and gentle on the environment.”

Trees talk to each other and recognize their offspring

The Lorax might have spoken for the trees, but it turns out that trees can speak for themselves. At least to other trees, that is.

From the straw bale wrap to the lime plaster finishes, this cottage is as green as it gets

Lots to learn about how to go almost totally foam and cement free in this Lake of Bays cottage

Mysterious purple blob found at the bottom of the ocean baffles scientists (video)

Some compared it to a spider egg sac and a disco ball, but it could actually be a new species.

Ban SUVs

Yet another needless death, on Granville Island in Vancouver, caused by a driver who cannot control her car. Why do we allow these in cities?

Will a bloody veggie burger get more omnivores to try going meatless?

Reproducing meat’s “meatiness” with plant-based ingredients has been a five-year quest for Impossible Foods, and its ‘bloody’ veggie burger is now (sort of) available.

How to cook with a mid-summer CSA box

The variety and volume of vegetables arriving in my family’s weekly CSA box forces me to come up with lots of creative ideas for cooking.

Intricate geek chic jewelry is made from recycled electronic circuit boards

The complex little patterns of old circuit boards are highlighted in this lovely handmade collection of jewelry for men and women.

The Green Dog Owners Guide

Have you ever thought about greening your dog? Unfortunately, some dog owners believe that its’ not worth their time or efforts.  But, as you’ll see in this infographic by Ultimatehomelife (you can check out the original version here), being….

Should you "neither a borrower nor a lender be"? (Survey)

That was the advice of Shakespeare’s Polonius, but then there is the sharing economy. Which is it?