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This UK bus is powered by food waste and poop

The future of sustainable public transport could come through fueling buses with gas made from two of the things that we seem to have a lot of, human waste and food waste.

Photo: Hooded Merganser Drake has a striking black and white fauxhawk

Donald Quintana writes that this duck is in the midst of head pumping.

General Mills agrees to drop “100% natural” labeling in face of lawsuit

In a lawsuit settlement today, General Mills agreed to remove the “100% Natural” from more than 20 of its products.

Tesla’s factory upgrade: X-Men characters, climbing plants, giant robots, murals, etc

Fighting the traditional carmakers isn’t easy, it’s a huge logistical and technical challenge.

Face Refresher: Detox Your Cosmetics Bag

If you are like most American women, you use over 12 different products each morning to get ready to face your day. These can include creams, make-up, deodorant, and perfumes. According to the Environmental Working Group, that means exposing…

Three questions to ask when decluttering

It’s hard, getting rid of stuff that you have collected over the years. Here are some tricks and some issues, the worst being sentimentality.

Bathroom Recycling: One Family’s Tips

Families, like the Michigan-based Egberts, who apply the reduce/reuse/recycle mantra in the bathroom are few and far between. That fact was revealed in a study from the Shelton Group, a sustainability-focused advertising and marketing group, that…

Acoustic tags turn monitored animals into targets

Seals and other underwater predators are being conditioned to find – and eat – sea life

The tiniest apartment in Rome packs a lot in to 75 square feet

But when you live in the heart of Rome, how much more do you need?

Label Eco Friendly Clothing For What It Is: A Primer

Do you think about the environmental impact of a clothing purchase as much as the way it fits or what it costs? Then you just might be a dyed-in-the-(organic)-wool ecoista. If you answered no, have no fear – we’re about to deconstruct…