Green Earth News

Artist’s embroidered seed art evokes bonds between nature and humans

Using natural materials that she “hunts and gathers,” artist Rena Detrixhe embroiders and crochets them into contemplative works.

Petite Mort: Precious ethical furs handmade from roadkill

Millions of animals are accidentally killed on US roads every year. Here’s how one company is turning these sad statistics into something useful, beautiful and respectful.

Remixd: Charming upcycled clothing from thrift store finds

Creating romantic, shabby chic dresses to elegant, layered European-inspired pieces, designer Jacquie Tsang transforms boring thrift store clothing into something unique and stylish.

This Indian solar power plant will = almost all of the solar power installed in the US in 2010

The Indian solar power market is heating up, really heating up.

Citysens is a chic hydroponic vertical garden that grows air-cleaning plants (Video)

Lacking space or gardening skills? This stacking hydroponic garden could help you get more green into your space.

Can a social action gaming app get more people growing their own food?

This mobile app aims to promote sustainable practices by merging “physical and digital worlds organically,” connecting real-world activities to in-game play in order to teach people how to grow food.

Photo: Whitetail deer say hello

Two deer greet each other in the snow.

Natural candle powered terracotta heater will warm you for cheap

This successfully crowdfunded low-tech heater uses candles to warm up your space.

Disposable bag bill promotes a greener, cleaner, healthier New York City

New Yorkers, businesses, and the environment can benefit from new bill being considered by New York City to impose 10-cent fee on every disposable plastic and paper bag.

4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Charitable Giving (With Less Waste)

Even though there are human needs year round, Fall tends to bring a heightened awareness of charitable giving. There is however an interesting friction that appears at the intersection of striving to do good for the earth and trying do good for…