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Contest for Kids: Learn More About Home Recycling, Win a Bike!

The future of the planet belongs to today’s youth, and we have a feeling it’s in pretty good hands — kids today are savvier about recycling than ever before. Now, they can put that knowledge to good use in pursuit of winning fun prizes, including…

Is It Better To Lease Or Finance A Solar PV System?

Until several years ago, most residential photovoltaic (PV) systems were purchased. Because of the upfront cost (and because solar systems were more expensive back then), there was a very limited pool of potential solar system owners. Around 2008,…

Exfoliate the old-fashioned way… California bans plastic microbeads in the state

The beginning of the end for this major source of plastic pollution?

Living near fracking increases the risk of premature births

Another public health risk associated with unconventional gas and oil drilling.

Risky or wise? Relocating fish in Montana to save them from warming waters

Breaking one of the cardinal rules of contemporary conservation, scientists risk upsetting the ecological balance in order to protect a species.

Whatever happened to "Peak Car"?

It seems to be following the same path as Peak Oil, and happy days are here again.

Charity aims to train 32,000 families to grow trees, fight hunger

Climate change and deforestation have left many in the drylands of Africa unable to grow food. Planting trees may reverse that.

Sulfur pollution in Denmark’s air dropped by 60% thanks to cleaner ship fuel regulations

Cargo ships have fallen through the regulatory cracks for too long, time to deal with the problem.

Blindness risk skyrocketing in shocking numbers, nature could prevent it

1 billion people are at risk of vision loss by 2050, but researchers say it could be curbed by just getting outside more.

Old School Bartering Gets A Digital Makeover

Bartering is part of human nature. Remember when you were a kid and your mom packed something you didn’t like in your school lunch? You of course tried to trade – aka barter – with a friend for something you preferred, right? Or on Halloween, whe…