Green Earth News

Office system from Vitra looks raw, but is really sophisticated.

Konstantin Grcic pulls off a smart mix of features for all those “young creatives”

What impact will Brexit have on green building in Britain?

It doesn’t look good for any kind of building actually.

Spot the Passive House!

Hint: it’s not the one with the solar panels on the front.

Minimalists in Japan take simple living to new extremes

A growing number of young Japanese people have emptied their apartment to a point that appears nearly unlivable — and they love it.

Florida wildlife commission postpones bear hunting in 2016

After a controversial hunt last year, Florida officials spare the bears.

30 minutes of nature a week reduces depression and heart disease

If city residents all went to a park for a half hour weekly, there would be 7 percent fewer cases of depression and 9 percent fewer cases of high blood pressure.

Watch these amazing octopuses stand up on two legs and run (video)

As if they weren’t remarkable enough, now we can add “prancing about on a pair of arms” to the cephalopod’s impressive bag of tricks.

7 Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergents For Fresh Clothes

On cold winter mornings while growing up I loved to grab my clothes out of the dryer just as they finished so I could slip into a warm pair of jeans before heading out the door. Back then I didn’t give a second thought to the products being used to…..

Flashfood app allows people to buy discounted food before it’s discarded

An ingenious solution to the growing problem of food waste, this app provides a win-win solution for everyone.

Tesla offers to buy SolarCity, could be the first long-term clean transport play

When coupled with clean renewable energy, electric vehicles promise to usher in a new era of sustainable transportation, and guess who’s leading the charge?