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Tiny Drop is 150 sq. ft. energy-efficient hybrid of teardrop trailer & tiny home

Love teardrop trailers and tiny homes? Well, you can have your cake and eat it too with this ultra-energy-efficient structure that’s a cross between the two genres.

Photo: Pollen-speckled honeybee considers the flower

Praise for the pollinators!

Top 10 new species include a bizarre array of wonders

From a spectacularly weird anglerfish to the largest carnivorous sundew plant seen in the New World, this list of novel new species gives hope that all isn’t lost.

Just what we needed dept: An e-bike powered by on-board solar panels

Solar electricity is a great renewable resource, but does it make sense to use it on everything? Or, just because we can, does it mean we should?

Google creates Science Journal app to inspire the next generation of scientists and makers

The app lets kids and adults alike explore, measure and test the world around them.

A handy tool to respond to all those myths about cycling

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain gives us the answers to every question about cycling

Watch this straddle bus eat cars as it speeds down the highway

The first full size prototype will fly down the road this summer.

Boston’s sidewalks reveal secret poems when it rains

Forecast: cloudy with a chance of poetry? Invisible verse sees the light of day during drizzly weather.

New book: ‘The Power of Pulses: Saving the World with Peas, Beans, Chickpeas, Favas & Lentils’

This engaging and informative guide will teach you how to cultivate and eat pulses, and why this is beneficial for everyone, including the planet.

How Upcycled Materials Are Saving Lives

One thing many people in first world countries like the United States take for granted is shoes. We have come to regard them as a necessity of life. Of course we think of how they match our outfit, whether they’re the right style for the occasion…