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Australia Workshop

Earthship Australia invites you to a hands-on and informative weekend of workshops and seminars on sustainable design principles. By the end of the weekend you will be equipped with practical…

Radically Sustainable Green Buildings.

Regrowing a lost tail is cool, but turning blood cells into brain cells rules

Many invertebrates can regenerate body parts like lost tails or arms, but crayfish naturally turn blood cells into brain cells. You will never guess how.

New study confirms: the suburbs make you fat

Well connected, dense neighborhoods promote walking and reduce obesity. This is news?

7 foods that are worthy of a financial splurge

You can scrimp and save on everything else, but don’t get cheap when it comes to buying these ingredients.

Explore how an EV or plug-in would perform on your commute

A new tool from UC Davis helps would-be EV owners explore their options based on their own real-world commute.

If you want your city to replace parking spots with bike lanes, use perspective

One of the biggest challenges of making cities more bike friendly is that most of the road space is already “used up.” Adding bike lanes means removing something. That’s when a bit of perspective comes in handy.

Photo: The White Cliffs of Dover chalk a line between land and sea

This photo captures the striking contrast of green, white and blue.

Salvage Supperclub teaches us how to eat everything

A Brooklyn dinner party turns “dumpster diving” into an informative meal.

The writer of ‘Jaws’ was a great advocate for shark protection and ocean conservation

The original creator of Jaws surely regretted that his work turned people against sharks, creatures that he loved.

New study confirms that switching to wood construction from concrete or steel reduces CO2 emissions

The surprise here is how much CO2 would not be released by making this move.