Green Earth News

Photo: Laid back echinoderm basks in its beauty

Our colorful photo of the day comes from the waters of Australia.

Salt-caked black rhino is a striking apparition

Working on a series of animals blending in with the landscape, photographer Maroesjka Lavigne hit pay dirt in Namibia.

The $149 SolSource Sport is a powerful portable solar cooker

The latest product from One Earth Designs weighs just 10 pounds and packs down into a small carrying bag, but still delivers high performance fuel-free cooking.

GM accused of cheating on emissions tests for big diesel engines

Defeat devices like those used by VW show up in big pickups.

Rent-to-own tiny housing development aims to lift low-income folks out of poverty (Video)

This unique project in Detroit hopes to revitalize and repopulate a vacant neighbourhood, while offering low-income residents a chance to eventually own a home of their own.

12 tremendous trees that hold world records

From tallest to oldest and fastest-growing to most dangerous, these superlative specimens are trees at their most extreme.

Sarah Jessica Parker buys only second-hand clothes for her son

Even a fashionista like Parker worries about clothing’s effect on the planet and the importance of paying a fair price for quality.

I so want this AXA Smart Bell for my bike

It sends a message from your bike to the radio of nearby cars. If only.

Multipurpose building is a flexible wooden wonder

It is modern in appearance yet traditional in operations

I ate the Impossible Burger, a vegan patty so meat-like that it bleeds

Made with potato and wheat proteins, the Impossible Burger is renowned for the red ‘heme’ that oozes out with every bite, making it eerily similar to beef.